Seeking Collaboration and Guidance for Our Conceptual SOLID-based Project

Dear SOLID Community,

We are excited to introduce our project, aligned with SOLID’s principles, aiming to revolutionise how technical professionals manage their career data. Not only how to manage their personal information but also how this information is shared with others. At the core, we focus on data sovereignty, standardisation, interoperability, and empowering users in data ownership.

Currently in the conceptual phase, we’re building a tool for personal data management that integrates data across various technical platforms. Our primary objectives are:

  • Facilitating Personal Data Management: Creating a unified interface for user data control.
  • Enhancing Data Interoperability: Ensuring seamless data flow across platforms, adhering to SOLID principles.
  • Promoting User Ownership: Giving users full control over their digital identities.

In our research, we’ve engaged with pivotal SOLID repositories like Soukai Solid, Solid Data Modules, and solid-contrib/solid-takeout-import.

We seek guidance on:

  1. Tool and Technology Adaptation: Advice on tools and technologies for transitioning to design and implementation.
  2. Collaboration with Projects: Opportunities to contribute to projects aligned with our vision.
  3. Ontology and Standards: Insights on using standards like vCard and FOAF for our data model.

As newcomers, we’re keen to integrate into the community. We’ve joined the SOLID forum and Gitter channel and would appreciate guidance on other key forums and their formats.

We look forward to contributing to and collaborating within the SOLID community. Your insights will be invaluable in shaping our project.

Thank you for the warm welcome.

Best regards!


Sounds like good stuff! I invite you to join the Solid Practitioners group - an effort of the Solid Team to support those writing apps for end-users. We are focused on the practicalities of building apps and supporting each other through shared code and libraries. We meet every other Monday at 18:00 UTC and you should come and introduce your project. More info at the Solid Practitioners RepoGitHub - solid-contrib/practitioners: A hub for Solid developers)


Thanks @jeffz ! Sounds like a really nice place to share Solid knowledge, I’ll get into it. It will be a pleasure to present the project to the community!! :blush: See u there