Looking for partners for H2020 research project

Hi all,
Attila here, just freshly joined. I am a researcher at the Copenhagen Business School and partner in a research project, which we are preparing for an upcoming EU H2020 project about “Digitisation, Digital Single Market and European culture: new challenges for creativity, intellectual property rights and copyright” (link).
I am particularly interested in the possibilities SOLID can offer in supporting a more democratic access to culture through an open platform, where users can somehow protect their individual property rights. We are in the very early stages of narrowing down the topic, so there is plenty of room for changes and narrowing.
As I am not much of technical person myself, I was hoping I could find somebody preferably in Denmark (if not, Europe works too) who could join the project in some form. Or find somebody who knows somebody.
So far, the project group contains (1) The Intellectual Property Right University Center, in Finland, (2) The Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano and (3) The Department of Digitalization, Copenhagen Business School (where I am situated). We are hoping to get Europeana onboard as well as SMEs if possible.

Thanks for reading this. And I hope to hear from you soon.


Hi Attila,

Your H2020 projects sounds very fitting, thank you for reaching out.

Solid is open source and is currently ready for developers to build apps. I am the communications manager of Inrupt, the company which supports Solid, and am available to support developers to be able to build apps more smoothly.

Is there a specific app that you are looking to build in the H2020 project? How were you hoping to use Solid?


Hi Mitzi,
thanks so much for responding so quickly.

We are in the very first step of coming up with a research project, and I don’t have very concrete ideas yet.
I was hoping to find somebody who would join the project now and help develop the proposal. So, I am looking for a talented computer scientist / programmer who is already a member of an academic faculty or would be interested in research (preferably in Denmark, but Europe is okay too).

My very broad idea for the project is to develop at least design principles, if not a prototype, of a service/platform that allows citizens to keep their intellectual property and grant access rights (hence maintaining their rights as creators). Something like a truly open, democratic forum for ideas, where the participants keep their data rather than giving it away for free to Facebook and such. Solid’s PODS and its open source foundation resonated very much with me.

I hope this helps. If you have any further questions, please, do not hesitate to contact me.

Köszönöm Szépen

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Hi Attlia,

Wonderful that you are building on ideas around personal online data storage and control.

At the moment solid is ready for developers to build applications assuming that the individual has a WebID and a Solid Pod. You can check out some of the app ideas here http://forum.solidproject.org/c/app-communities

Perhaps it would be an idea to build a solid app as part of the H2020 project?

I have seen some discussions mourn the design principles and prototype of data control, perhaps you could connect with them. There is a contributor who is looking to do a thesis on the subject, perhaps good to connect there?

Köszönöm Szépen :slight_smile:

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Hi Mitzi,
fantastic. Thanks for getting back to me so quick again.
I will definitely have a look at the app ideas. Could you point me to the other contributors you mention in your post?


@sergejspomer mentioned something relevant here Changes to Solid 'data browser' Perhaps you guys should connect

Hi @attila,

We (Ghent University / imec) are definitely interested in tackling this call with Solid. Would love to do something together.



Hello Attila,

Reading your research project I’m interested in supporting this. We work with University of Maastricht in the Netherlands and are ourselves very much into the matter with Spinnit.

Looking forward to get in touch.
Kind regards,

Hi @RubenVerborgh and @ingmar
thanks so much for your interest.

I am currently working on a one-pager problem formulation as a conversation starter to get the ball rolling.
I should hopefully be able to share that with you within a few days.
In the meantime, I have been trying to get non-academic partners interested, in particular from the cultural heritage sector. I got interest from the director of the hunt museum as a potential case study. I also emailed people at Europeana, however they have not responded to me yet. (It has been almost a week, which worries me a bit. Getting Europeana as a partner would be amazing.)

Have a great weekend everybody and talk soon.

I have good contacts with Europeana; you can forward me stuff if you want to reach them.

well we are team from saxony, germany from web engineering department(master). we want to work with solid and we are searching some topics which are really interested.

Thanks for the offer, that is very kind of you. And I would love to come back to it, if I haven’t heard from them soon.

Thanks @MayurLakhani. I will share a one-page problem statement with you, as soon as I produced it. And we can see what you think.

thanks for involving interest.

Dear Attila
We are a team,One Direction, from TU chemnitz, Germany have started work on “SoLiD”. We are searching for some interesting topic and guide line.

Thanks for the interest. We are in the middle of writing a proposal and will get back to you soon.

Hi Attila,
Thank you very much for your reply. I am waiting for your next reply.