Welcome to the Solid Forum, please introduce yourself here. Great to have you on board

Hi, I’m Michiel de Jong, I worked on https://unhosted.org, a project that’s very very similar to solid.
I also worked on “Terms of Service; Didn’t Read”, Firefox OS, and Interledger/Ripple. Now exploring solid! :slight_smile:
Let’s connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michielbdejong/
My website is https://michielbdejong.com


Dear fellow privacy advocate,

I am by no means that tech-savy in my humble opinion but please do share with me the project in which you are tirelessly working on to provide the better user experience. in my free time from my slave labor, i find joy in the simplest things and expend most of my energies drafting, dreaming, and exploring. i’ve always believed that there is something much more that i can give.

As at this juncture, i am rallying a community to action to progress in their presented values. Their alignment fits closely to taking back ownership of the very possessions they set out to protect with the best of their abilities.

Just like you, got super excited with SOLID and created a POD. It does take a curve to figure things out but with my abilities in interfacing with applications, i am managing and learning to have it function to piece together articles, creating a network with it’s list of apps that are able to interact with SOLID.

This is just a spur of excitement vibes i am sending over to you, may it find you well.
as at this point, i do hold an e-mail account with a data company too big for its good, sooleehin7@gmail.com. Got to get back straightening out my life now friend.

I shall ‘ solidify ’ solid.community with my efforts to bring about the new form of interactions amongst the masses. Ready to contribute and give to the cause, fellow revolutionists.


Hello, I’m Rotimi Orims. (Called Rotex for easy pronunciation)
I am a social scientist who more recently developed an insatiable interest in computer/web technology.

I currently work at Tesla (the energy side of that business) where they are building increasingly smarter battery systems to store clean energy for large utilities as well as individual households.

Top of my more interests in the past 5 years, are RDF/Linked Data and Bitcoin/Blockchain technology; and especially wondering whether there would be a convergence of the two.

Needless to say I am really glad to discover this forum, and learn as much as I can about SOLID, and how it ties into the amazing future that is gradually forming before us.


Hi. I am a retired researcher who is still very interested in the Semantic Web. My interest in Solid is exploratory at present, but I am very intrigued by how it might interact with, and hopefully inform, ideas on new logics suited to Web use. My technical background is in ‘logical AI’, aka knowledge representation, aka ontology design. I was a member of the RDF, RDF 1.1 and OWL working groups and co-authored some of the Recommendations, and as a result got to know quite a few of the movers and shakers in the SW world. I am also a consultant for the ImageSnippets project which aims to make images into first-class citizens of the SWeb. And I am a working visual artist.


hey there I’ m Matthias Evering and have been silent reader from the gitter channel for some time. I’ m application developer but doing things for hobby. solid is a great idea and fore sure a whole new ecosystem is evolving. I’ m coming from the apple II and have done some java, php, bootstrap, TYPO3, shell scripting stuff and am a great fan of the command line. I’ ve set up a live system playing around with the solid server running on debian jessie. still figuring out the ports and how things work together.

enough techie talk, just wanted to add a voice and if I can help sharing experiences I sure will. at times I am writer too and can agree to the wordpress combo view to the similarity of poems and code.

a warm empathic hello to my fellow coders.


Hi everyone,

my name is Eberhard and I heard about the Solid initiative from the German news paper “FAZ”. I think it is a great idea to creat a web infrastructure enabling users to truly own their personal data and I would like to help to make this work.

I am not so sure how I can support this initiative, but I guess I’ll find a way :slight_smile:


My name is Arnold Schrijver, and I am the Discourse admin and community facilitator for the Humane Tech Community, which in turn is affiliated with The Center for Humane Technology (founded by Tristan Harris). Our mission is “To Realign Technology to Humanity’s Best Interests” and we are active in the fields of Digital Wellbeing, Digital Rights, Privacy, Ethics, Tech monopolisation, Fake News and Disinformation, and more. I.e. any of the harms that flow from the use of digital technology, and their solutions. Our community is solution-focused.

I have a career in IT in various roles, but from our community perspective I am here with an interest for the Vision of the Decentralized Web (and have some experience with ActivityPub, https://www.w3.org/TR/activitypub/ and https://datproject.org), and of course, being in control of your own Privacy and Personal information. I have followed the development of Solid from a distance, and ready to learn a bit more :slight_smile:

Especially interested how Solid relates to many other open standards and initiatives that are being developed ‘out in the wild’, like Web of Trust, http://www.weboftrust.info/specs.html.


Hello Everyone,

My name is Vagisha. I am final year undergrad student studying Computer Science. I got introduced to the whole concept of decentralized web and platforms fairly recently and the idea behind Solid fascinates me. So I have decided to work on Solid for my final year project. (Any suggestions are appreciated). I am new to this and hence I will put forward a lot of questions in upcoming days, so please bear with me. I can totally use any guidance and mentorship from all of you. Looking forward on making some quality contributions and learning new skills.

Have a great day!


@Vagisha16 Already have an idea what aspects you want to work on?

Hi @pheyvaer,

I had a conversation with Miss László yesterday and she helped me narrow things down to a couple of problem statements. I am currently researching more about each one to figure out which would be more suitable for me to work on.

I would love to know if you have any suggestions or ideas about things that I could take on. Since my problem statement is still very loosely defined your suggestion would really help.


Hey Rotimi! So glad to see you here!


I’m Lin Onetwo ( https://github.com/linonetwo ), one of promoters of Solid China Community.

I’m a web frontend engineer. I’m interested in knowledge management tool designing. I think before brain-computer-interface being invented, we need better tools to record our thoughts, and argument our thinking with automatically reasoning.

I believe that Solid allows easy-to-use KM-tools to emerge, since it reduce the cost to develop KM-tools.

If there are better tools, people’s mind will connect with each other in more and more efficient ways, researchers can have higher efficiency, engineer can reach new ideas rapidly, and finally accelerate our process towards the Utopia.



I’m very interested in this product. I’m working on a user owned, governed, and developed social media platform called Clyste: https://angel.co/clyste-social-network/

Its similar to this but based on blockchain (which I’m not sure if this is) as I need to learn more about this platform with your help - hopefully.

Looking forward to being a part of the community and learning more.




I am Mickaël Rémond, founder of ProcessOne.
We have been developing real-time messaging server on open protocols like XMPP and MQTT. We have build the leading open source messaging server ejabberd.

I am now exploring how to leverage Solid into our platform.



Solid is not a blockchain technology, but can work with blockchains.

There are many people wondering about this, I’ll think I’ll start a thread on this (thought we already had that… Think it’s spread throughout the forum).



very interesting project and for sure not the last attempt for decentralizing the “internet”.

My background is electrical engineering & computer science and I have a strong focus on communication networks and system architecture with experience in GNSS. I really like the idea and am thinking about something similar since one year. But to be honest, I think with opening such a project, we really have to consider the overall architecture which includes the communication network design, decentralized storage systems, identity and identifier generator and dispenser, network orchestration and timing services, OS level impacts leading to microkernel architectures and many more things…

I’m interested in supporting the project and somehow building up a team in Germany. But I think without a real supporting business case it will be hard to come to a qualitatively good solution that would be good enough to offer a system with a benefit that is much more higher than the actual alternative: “the internet”.



Hi Theodora.
You know there’s no way I won’t find my way here eventually. Lol


Absolutely. And htis beautifully coincided with your words & thoughts about imagining! That’s a good sign! :slight_smile:


Hi. I’am Mat Huppertz, art historian and photographer. Completely new to Solid, sceptical but intrigued. Backed away from Facebook about 10 years ago because there is and was not a lot of “social” in social media. Never understood why there were so few good other platforms being developed, especially never understood why there were no European initiatives successful. But maybe the idea behind Solid can spark-off a new network of platforms can interact and are really social.
Lets start by making the Solid project and websites multi lingual and write about it in less techy language.
Looking forward to contribute!


@ Vagisha16 I think a good subject for study would be to provide a roadmap of what needs to be done to encourage mass use, and mass take up, of SOLID by mobile phone users.

Most users on here think in terms of hosting websites and code creation, but the vast majority of internet users access the internet through their phones rather than through computers. The challenge will be to engage the majority of internet users by encouraging phone users to register for a POD, and for the Solid POD apps to be usable by phone users.