Welcome to the Solid Forum, please introduce yourself here. Great to have you on board

Lars Fosdal, Norwegian, Software Developer, “full stack”.
I’ve been writing software for industrial process management, financial news and data distribution, financial historical analysis, logistics warehouse management, production systems, monitoring systems, data warehouse/BI, etc, since 1989.


Hi everyone!

My name is Noel, and I am a developer & entrepreneur based in Barcelona, Spain. I had been working on a protocol I called “autonomous data” when I found out about Solid, and it was from a conceptual point of view almost the same. So I decided to jump into it, and I am now working on learning more and creating apps using Solid. Once I have a clear grasp of the ecosystem I plan to release some tools and help shape the community around Solid :).

I’m also doing everything as openly as I can. You can learn more about me and follow my work in my website: noeldemartin.com.


Hi! I’m Paolo Facetti founder of Aneddotica Magazine
a bilingual collaborative blog. I live in Berlin and I’m looking around… :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m Joseph Nobles, an eventual end user of Solid. I’m computer literate to the point that I’ve been able to build my own boxes (following the Youtube tutorials but choosing my own components). In other words, I’m a dangerous amateur. If you need someone to test your code, I’ll try my best to break it (though I’m not a hacker, just a normie). I like the idea for Solid and I’m looking forward to watching it come together.

I used to act, but now I’m a scheduler for a captioning company. I just bought a house in San Antonio, TX. My MMO is ESO and I’m getting ready to adopt a dog or cat. I’m single, never married, and better than OK with it! Good luck, Solid programmers!


Hi, I’m a Brazilian intellectual property lawyer and I want to somehow contribute to SOLID project. Where or how can I start? Anyone from Rio here? Cheers!


Kia ora(HELLO) from NZ.

I’m originally a house builder but would now consider myself an intermediate web developer from New Zealand. I have in recent years been concerned with the power of big tech companies stealing/owning users data so I’m very interested in SOLID!

I look forward to getting my head around solid and hopefully contributing :beer:


Hello, my name is Stein and I’m a sysadmin working with Linux and web/internet services. Like most I’m getting worried about the centralized social network, and got interested in SOLID after reading an interview with kjetilk in the local newspaper. Currently I work at the Oslo Public Library (where we also use RDF/SPARQL for the library catalog btw), but before that I worked at Opera Software, where we used and implemented a lot of new web technology.
I enjoy testing/configuring/integrating internet server applications, and got my own SOLID server running a couple of weeks back. It’s running the 5.0.0 beta branch, provisioned by docker-compose - server itself is working fine, but the apps are a bit cluncky atm, so waiting eagerly for the next release :slight_smile:
Looking forward to see if SOLID can be a good and useful alternative for the decentralized network!


Hey Noel! Just chiming in to say I love, love the idea of open productivity and documenting a work/passion jorney. Borrowing it to let it sink in my head. And looking forward to see your SOLID apps (I am a content writer but very much intrigued by the Semantic Web - hence, I am here :))


Hello, my name is Joel and I’m interested in building a federated concept map for documenting ontologies based on SKOS. The basic idea is that users of this map application can build their own lexicon for things and “join” with other lexicons or more formal taxonomies (maybe those published by a standards organization).


Hi, my name is Jules, I am an artist with basic coding skills; Solid is a great initiative!


–> My Name Is Stain https://g.co/kgs/45RE5V ,:wink: welcome

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hehe thanks mate - nice song, thanks for the link! :smiley:

Hey everyone!

My name is Todor and I’m from Bulgaria. I got interested in Solid because I’ve been researching ways to securely store and share personal information online. Actually, I’m part of a startup (worbli.io) that aims to bring identity to the blockchain and thus solve a number of problems. We’re currently doing KYC verification for all blockchain users, but we are also looking for a way to make sure that users really own and control their personal data. I’m looking forward to learning more about Solid and the possible applications in our own product.

My background is a little bit of a lot of things - programming (LONG ago!), web hosting, infosec, then game system design, and recently blockchain, with focus on governance.

Nice to meet you all! :slight_smile:


I’m Eureka Chen, with my full profile here: https://eureka.name


Hello Solid Community,

I’ve bin here for a while, but I haven’t introduced myself jet, sorry for that. My name is Antonio Rodríguez Santiesteban and I live in Berlin, Germany, since decades. I’ve also been a software developer for a long time working with the Java ecosystem and more lately I became a Scala functional programmer also doing some Javascript front end development. I think this summarizes my technical background.

I was working on a project using semantic web technologies in the last years and I also committed to give users control over their data. As I knew about Solid I felt very enthusiastic about it and since January I’m working on a Solid application, well, it is still just a prototype. I’ll share more about it future posts.

See you around


Hi Everyone,

Stuart here, not a developer but have worked pretty extensively on blockchain from the business, project and product side with exposure to corporate, bank and startup environments. Happy to share the highs and lows of that for anyone looking at commercial implementation.
Have a nascent idea with 2 colleagues that would work well with Solid. Also thinking of using Solid’ React SDK as a platform to learn a bit of coding skill in prototyping initial ideas… that should give you all a laugh :roll_eyes::persevere:


@MitziLaszlo saw your reply concerning European contacts and have seen the Inrupters offering and that from HelloYellow (I have a previous connection to Bettina in a past professional life). I think there should be grounds for a good conversation considering our business idea as an app on Solid. (I am also writing a PhD proposal on artificial intelligence from the angle of carbon/silicon ethics which I see nudges up against your studies and work.) If you have time for a chat it would really be appreciated as I am playing catch-up on understanding the implications of Web 3.0.



I’m a Software Engineering student from Spain, starting my journey with Solid. This year for the subject “Software Architecture” final project we are -trying- to develop the so wanted solid-chat, or at least getting to know this technology and coming up with ideas on how to approach this problem.

I dediced to join this forum just in case some of you all could help us through this work. I will be posting (somewhere, i still don’t know how all this is structured yet) all the doubts and problems we come up with and I hope that finally something cool turns up at the end.

Also looking forward to hopefully contributing to Solid and learning more about it! :relaxed::heart:


Hello there.
I am also a spanish student in the same situation as the upper message. I have a lot of doubts about solid and pods, so i hope i find here a solution for the most of them.Ii will try to make as much contrubitions as i can, but i dont think is gonna be much.


My name is Luigi Selmi. I have been involved in a couple of projects about LinkedData and Linked Data Platform and now I would like to test Solid for a project at Fraunhofer. I hope to find here people who will be able to answer some technical questions.




Hi - I’m John Bartas, 30+ years of Internet software development. At Wollongong back in the 80s I led their TCP/IP on MS-DOS project, in the 90’s I founded Interniche Technologies, arguably the first IoT software provider. Back then a decentralized Internet was just assumed - for example in '86 we put an FTP server on an IBM PC so we had a cheap always-on way to get our work files from anywhere. Now I use AWS or Google docs for that.

I’m really excited to see what Solid can do bring freedom and privacy back to networking. My immediate interest is a Facebook alternative w/o central servers.