A case for a SOLID ? Free Digital platform


Check this one :

Could be a perfect case for a SOLID application. I am considering connecting with Brian Rose, see what we can propose with GO and SOLID

Any comments / suggestions ?


Well that was a pretty strange video, I think he’s really just looking for investors. Facebook coming out recently saying that they are going to censor certain interactions is something that Tim Berners-Lee has been promoting for a long time. Combating fake news, decentralizing platforms, and also decentralizing the United States.


Yes he is looking for investors yes, but he also is pushing ideas and a digital platform that are in alignment with the decentralization intention of SOLID. So two things:

  • At some point he will need to implement. It would be good if he was aware of SOLID and consider it for his platform.
  • There could be some complementary communication, he could be a sponsor of SOLID, talk about the project. He is a public figure, he has an audience. And an audience that would be receptive to the intention of SOLID.

So probably time to connect with him.

Extra question : do you think SOLID is mature enough to be used for a large scale platform like the one is talking about ?

And with the open source low code platform GO, there could be a way to accelerate the dev of such a plaform with SOLID. I am doing a presentation on GO and SOLID on SOLID World may : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/solid-world-tickets-101812024506?aff=erelexpmlt


I think link data is more of what solid is about and solid is just a example of how to interact with linked data not necessarily a server everybody should gravitate to. Pods have been around for years, solid pods and web IDs have really gone nowhere.

I’m not too sure pod providers are really going to exist in the future, I’m not too sure solid pods will either. There was a time when I had hoped up a solid platform will take off and take over social media management duties however, that has yet to materialize and I don’t believe at this time that the POD providers out there are really in the industry for that purpose. I also believe that the semantic web developers are more interested in creating library‘s and things like that and not applications that will up and Facebook Twitter or any of those other social media platforms. I had thought that there was a chance one could use a solid pod to interact with all social media platforms but that too has gone absolutely nowhere. So if the gentleman spoken of above wants to take the chance on using solid to feed his unwanted opinion, all the power to him. I just don’t think solid is really going anywhere as Inrupt is using the approach of working with governments and healthcare systems by way of linking data and semantic web technology into their systems. And again solid pods in node solid server was just a way to show an example of what link data can do, obviously they’re not out there hooking up node solid servers the way they first alleged to. In the beginning when Inrupt first came out they allege that they would bring node solid sever over the line but, that has been abandoned for quite some time.


I’ve been watching Solid for some years now and my impression is that not only is it moving along, but I think its picking up speed. Will it be mature enough, fast enough, to meet that guy’s timeline? Who knows but if he’s in it for the short term then he may be disappointed.

As far as Inrupt, its true that the whole thing can’t depend on them, but for a profit making company they have been pretty generous. Solid has a lot of moving parts, and one that has gotten a lot of investment but hasn’t gained traction yet is the shape->form->rendered form (in html or whatever) system, and its affordances for people to do user level programming without writing so much html and javascript. The databrowser uses it but its not mature yet. When that system starts working well and attracting attention it will make a big positive difference.


I agree with you it’s picking up speed but, it is not proportionally further along than one would think it should be based on the fact that, it’s inventor is co owner of Inrupt moreover, the inventor of the World Wide Web!

Also, the only people gravitating towards solid are students at various universities that solids creators, implementers, and developers work at. But it should also be understood that the only people from universities gravitating towards solid are, developers, or future developers.


This is from an organization that gives air time to David Icke the racist conspiracy nut who thinks Jews are an alien race of lizard people. Not a good ally for Solid.


Thanks, did not know that. I hope Walter also did not know that too. @MitziLaszlo I wish I could revoke my like on those posts.


Oh I don’t know that much, just saw the speach that felt good about freedom of speach


Well, I was very interested in the promises of SOLID philosophy, and I get you that it is not new, and that it is more about linked data and the semantic web.

I have this intention of bringing a technology to help create applications in a very fast way. That could make the promise of SOLID and link data possible at bigger scale. I am demonstrating it on SOLID World May. I would really appreciate some feedback and see if it can go somewhere.

The technology I am bringing is a low code development platform (www.generativeobjects.com). I am open sourcing the technology. The idea is to model and generate applications in days. I will demonstrate connecting to SOLID Pods and dbPedia.org. It makes it possible to build applications on top of SOLID and the semantic web in minutes !

I really wish we can all together create the new internet, and I see it coming and definitively possible !


@walter.almeida - unfortunately, there are many hate mongers who have their own definition of “freedom of speech” and have made it a rallying cry. I agree with the part of the video that says Facebook and the other monoliths shouldn’t be deciding what we read. But I also think that any platform needs the ability to forbid hate mongering. Yes, David Icke is free to think and write about whatever he wants. That doesn’t mean I want to be giving him a platform to do so.


I think to ‘forbid hate mongering’ in a decentralized way without a central authority will be complicated. I think it will come down to what acl groups people choose to join or listen to and go back to. That’s why I think the infrastructure for acl groups needs a lot of thought to reflect the real world. It will never be perfect though.


Ok I will check more about David Icke. That said, London Real is not about David Icke who was just one guest, there were great people invited on the show


Yes, agreed , these kinds of things need to be handled on a community basis and Solid groups are central to that.


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