Where are the apps like Digi.me?

Digi.me has an iOS app that can connect to my bank accounts, social media accounts, Spotify, and activity data. It allows me to easily explore all of my data in one place.

I’m surprised not to see something similar for Solid. Is there a reason for this? I’m interested in building one… but I’m not a developer.

I think it is because the community here is not all that big, and there’s only so much we can be involved in. There’s not much community-building focus within the project, unfortunately. Maybe on the commercial side these things are well underway to being developed, idk. They are perfect use cases indeed, after all.


Maybe we need some leadership to organize an effort around some specific projects. It looks like there are lots of great tools (or parts of tools) that, if just brought together in the right way, would make so many things possible.

In my non-professional opinion, if we can make it easy for individuals to get a Pod and connect their data sources - we create a massive opportunity.

At that point, businesses and apps can really begin to use Pods and benefit from their value.

Does anyone want to work on building a new and improved user experience? I’m already working with a small team to build the UI, but I need some help to build it with Solid. Would love to build a team around this.


So you work at Humane Tech? Have I mentioned that I loved The Social Dilemma? I truly believe that an internet built on Solid (or similar) is the only way out of this mess.

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Not exactly. I founded the Humane Tech Community on the forum of The Center for Humane Technology when the founders didn’t have time for the community. All-volunteering and have been facilitating for 3 years now. Though I have been in contact with Tristan Harris et al several times, the HTC community is fully independent of the Center.