How to create a Folder in Solid?

Within your Solid account you can create various resources, one of which is a Folder.

To create a folder in Solid:
(see also the gif below)

  1. Log in your Solid Pod.
  2. Choose the Public pane from your main page (in my case this is
  3. Within the Public pane, hit the Home icon. (You will be prompted to Log in with your WebID)
  4. After logging in, hit the Green Plus icon and you will be presented another pane.
  5. To create a folder, hit the Folder icon within that pane. You will be prompted to enter a URL for your folder’s destination. (Ignore the Workspace message for now)
  6. Enter your URL*** and hit the button below, reading “Start a new folder at this URI”
  7. Click on the link in “Your new folder” to access your newly created folder.

*** in my case a copied and pasted the address of my public folder - and then added a name for my folder, “keepsakes”, which resulted in the following URI for my newly created folder:

Changing the Sharing setting of your newly created folder:

If you want to change the access settings (that is the privacy/public status) of the folder, check: How to change the Sharing settings for a resource? - #15 by phraingck

Below you will find a gif showing you how to do the above steps (including how to acess your newly created folder and its sharing setting).

Also, I wouldn’t have been able to create folders if it wasn’t this excellent resource by Don Tai: Playing with SOLID’s POD: Documentation – Don Tai (Canada) Blog in the part: Create an folder for your images.