How to change the Sharing settings for a resource?

In Solid you can edit the privacy (sharing) setting of any given resource by clicking on the “rainbow” button next to the resources “pane” [“A pane displays a data object of certain class using part of the window”. Read more about panes at:]

To start or stop specific settings for a given resource:

[Gif demo at the end]

1.Open the folder of the resource(s) the sharing settings of which you want to change (In my case that is the folder at:

  1. Click on the specific resource to expand its pane (in my case this is Test 1)

  2. Click on the “rainbow button” in that same pane of the given resource and you will see the Sharing setting of the resource.

  1. To change the Sharing setting, click the button Set specific sharing setting.

  2. Wait! :slight_smile:

  3. You will be shown the current sharing status of the resource.

  4. Grab the “Globe” and drag it to the status you want to change.

  5. If you want to change the status of sharing and remove the Public access to a resource, point to Public and then hit the “do-not-enter” icon which appears upon hovering over.


This tutorial is awesome! I was a bit baffled by the layout of this page and didn’t get it at first. But now I do. Thank you!

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:slight_smile: I was a bit worried about the too many screenshots and the gif etc. But couldn’t use the option “Hide details” - if you know how we can make this happen, le me know :). Actually, yesterday, I found an even better one:


I had forgotten about Dontai’s excellent review and test of the Databrowser. Added his/her page to my list of SOLID resources.


That’s very useful. Perhaps it could be pinned to the top of the forum? A Beginners category would be nice so all these Howtos could be stored in one place


I agree that we should consider getting a “Beginners” category. On the SAFENetwork forum that seems to be really working well.


Do you think commenting on this post and inviting Dontai here is a good idea?

@JPL and @johanbove a Beginner’s tag or any other “signal” would be wonderful. How do we do that? :slight_smile:

The administrators need to create a new category

Yes. I agree to that idea! We can always ask.

Considering a „beginners“ category; It looks like we have mostly techy people interested in contributing to the Solid projects, then we have people focusing on documentation on how to use the existing tools, and we have posts about high level concepts. „Getting started“ as a developer, as a datapod user, writing documentation, setting up a server, would all go into the beginners category. So that would be basically everything currently in this forum, right?

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I’d classify a beginner as someone who has read something in the press or another projects and winds up here. They might be highly technical or not at all. They want to know about the concepts and ideas and how to interact with what’s there so far (ie the Databrowser). They want to know timelines, next steps, what they can do to help, and crucially where to look for more information. So everything at a high level. In your example of setting up a server, a graphical stepthrough would belong in Beginners, whereas more detailed information about interfaces, frameworks, APIs, developer tools etc would go into Developer.

Ultimately there are no hard and fast rules and quite a lot of playing by ear. If everything landed up in beginners it would make sense to split it into different categories (or add sub categories) to keep it useful to genuine beginners / new arrivals. It’s easy for Mods to move threads and posts from one category to another if they don’t really fit.


That sounds like a very reasonable and smart classification. You know your stuff @JPL. Perhaps your post should be moved to a new thread into the “solid feedback” category?

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This is the beginner I imagine too. And it feels right to have content for them in a separate thread or category. The different “shades” of beginners @johanbove listed are also important for the categorization.
If you don’t mind we can move this interesting discussion to: Promote this forum to newcomers more intensively where I shared some thoughts about the content experiences I envision (the ones I would be happy to see as a non-tech person) throughout my first Solid encounter.

As a Beginner/not-Developer that wants to learn to use the currently available tools, I find this post and the resulting thread to be extremely helpful.


How do you grant a specific webId or web-app (Origin header / domain name) access to your resource? I can see that you can drag the globe to a sharing-setting, but what about a WebID or Origin value?

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Pinging @megoth here who might be in the know!

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I’ve been updating the acl files directly.

By going to the .acl file directly in the browser, viewing the source by hovering in the header area and clicking the appropriate icon. click the pencil Icon to edit, add your acl statements granting access, click the check mark to save.

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Thanks. Though I cannot figure out how to locate the ACL files?

Example: I want to grant access to my inbox for the Origin/ “”. Where would the “.acl” file that be located?

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You’d have to inspect the http Link headers to be sure, but it’s most likely /inbox/.acl

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