How to change the Sharing settings for a resource?


Ah :slight_smile: I was trying “inbox.acl” not “inbox/.acl”. Thanks.


Can you help me again? I’ve got the ACL for /inbox/.acl:

@prefix : <#>.
@prefix n0: <>.
@prefix inbox: <./>.
@prefix c: </profile/card#>.

    n0:accessTo inbox:;
    n0:agent c:me, <>;
    n0:origin <>;
    n0:defaultForNew inbox:;
    n0:mode n0:Control, n0:Read, n0:Write;
    a n0:Authorization.
    n0:accessTo inbox:;
    n0:defaultForNew inbox:;
    n0:mode n0:Read;
    a n0:Authorization.
    n0:accessTo inbox:;
    n0:defaultForNew inbox:;
    n0:mode n0:Read, n0:Write;
    a n0:Authorization.

I can see the agent “c:me” (my WebID) has Control, Read and Write access.

Now I want to grant access to the origin which is the Origin header I can see in Fiddler. As you can see above I’ve tried n0:origin <> - but without luck - the server returns “Not authorized”.

I have also tried n0:trustedOrigin <> without luck.

The server has accepted my change: if I reload the .acl page I can se my changes.

If I try the exact same request, through Fiddler, without the “Origin” header, it returns 200-OK with the inbox data.

I’m trying to go through to understand what is going on. But apparently missing something.

Do you know what I am supposed to do?

My first app - adding resources?

@JornWildt sorry for late response, I’ve been on away for a couple of days. I’m not quite into the whole access/resource sharing with apps yet, so I’ll refer to @timbl and @RubenVerborgh in hopes they might have time to answer your questions.

Just in case, have you looked at the Solid Specificatino and the parts on Authorization and Access Control?


Yes, thanks, I’ve tried to understand both - it ends at with “A specific ACL can be be made to allow a given app to access a given file or folder of files” … without further details about how its done plus some future ideas.


.acl files.
How do you go directly to the file in the databrowser ?


Sharing for file solidlinks.txt
Error reading ACL. status Can’t get headers to find ACL for <https://>: Failed to load <https://> Fetcher: fetch failed: TypeError: https:// is not a valid URL. status: 999: ( No ACL pointer https:// Can’t get headers to find ACL for <https://>: Failed to load <https://> Fetcher: fetch failed: TypeError: https:// is not a valid URL. status: 999)undefined
What I get when trying to change permissions as described in this post.


This is only a problem with, not for some reason


What’s you version of Solid ?


If it’s on 5.0.0 beta you should report on chat node-solid-server. There is already a report on .meta files


You can drag users by their webid straight into the rainbow access control panel above. One way to find a user to drag is to drag their icon/name from the author tab on a solid chat message. So chat with them and then add them.

Or you can follow a link to their webid, and then drag the URL bar icon .


Thanks! I didn’t know that. I only knew I could drag WebId URLs into the FOAF panel. Will try the “custom” sharing. :]


Another things you can drag into the window are Groups, from a group file or an address book. The group should have the webids of its members declared in that file.

In principal you can also drag in an Origin like with NO TRAILING SLASH … but if you try to set that up in the browser (and other tools) They will tend to add a trailing slash, which mades it just a folder on the web.


It worked. The first thing (the one with the Tools - I could’t get to anything)
I had hard time creating a group. Is it done only from the address book?
I had one, created some time ago - and than managed to add a Group to it - Then the dragging and the sharing with that group worked. [sharing some screenshots below + 1 error message] What is the text box above “Ne address Book - tools” and above “person name:” for?

When I add a contact is there a way this contact gets extracted (not sure about the word) from my “knows” file? Or from something like a Solid list of people :slight_smile: