How do I upload files (css, php) onto my Pod in a specific folder?

Hello everyone!
I am back to tinkering with Solid :slight_smile: And super happy about that. I have a crazy idea of building (writing - as much as I can with HTML) a website on solid. Hopefully I will do that on my own domain with a purchased hosting - meaning I will learn to stop using Wordpress only and begin creating text woven in pure HTML (sorry of that sound strange for geeks and developers, but pure is my way of saying spaghetti-code-not).

That said, for now, I have an HTML theme I got for an event I will be creating., and uploaded the index.html file to my pod - Now I am trying to get the css folder, the php folder, fonts, images, js to that folder. Thinking myfirstwebpage folder will serve as a root.
I guess all that is not very literate, yet I need to find a way. Maybe I should have just created a file, not a folder within my POD? And then upload all else and customize the links in the index.html?

What do you guys think?


A couple options, using Solid-ide; you could make your solid homepage, then create another pod calling it, make this your about me page. Then create another pod calling it as your contact page, and then create another pod called for your photos page, and link all of them together. Put a Home button at the top of each of these that will take the person back to;

This may create allot of authority in search due to linking the data of several pods index pages together; in essence, you could create an unlimited number of pages for the site out of pods and interconnect them all. It may be considered a bootleg hack, but, it will work.

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You could use a tool like solid-ide to upload all the html, js and css files to your pod. No need to create seperate pods for every page.


@TheodoraPetkova - there is a problem with the location of your page. Pages (other than index.html) that are directly under your folder are private - they can never be seen by anyone but you. To make pages that you want the public to see, put them in your public folder i.e. If you want to keep pages private while you are developing, change their access settings, then change them back when you are ready. (there’s a good post on this forum on how to do that).

I do not at all recommend the use of multiple PODs, rather use multiple pages and/or folders in a single POD.


I agree it would probably not be advisable to use multiple pods for the website your creating, sorry that was not the best suggestion I could have made.


Why that? It should be possible to change the ACL for /Myfirstwebpage, shouldn’t it?


Woderful. I will try this. And then, remains the question, will index.html be able to “read” from these css et al. folder so that the page renders correct.

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Thanks! I haven’t notice this. I create it under Public, but looks like it didn’t work. Will change it.
Me again :slight_smile: I can’t locate this on my pod. Hence can’t access the setting icon etc. I know how to see a list of the things in my Public “folder”:

But I don’t seem to understand how to see (and further tweak) what’s directly under

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And now, me again with explaining what I want to do. After reading your comments. First, thanks so much for paying attention and for writing back. Next, and very important :slight_smile: I don’t chase SEO rankings, also I don’t want that to be private (the settings - private, public post in the forum is mine :]), since it is an experiment. I am finding my way - I know it is not easy, but I want it to be real and if I copy the website code there will be a lot of redundant code.

Here’s my idea:

I imagine this:

I have a domain:

Then I have a hosting somewhere, to a droplet in a shared hosting.

And I upload, through and ftp into the root directory or the public folder my one-page (for now) webpage;'s files - an idea.html and all the other folders with php, css etc.

Now, in the context of Solid, and maybe the so called “own solid server” can I possibly do the same. Maybe yes. Two scenarios:

  1. … - I somehow upload a and index.html and the files related to it onto this.
  2. I somehow make my page read the data from the pod and render it (like here: - on the right hand side there is a little widget that loads data from the POD of the user. Cool, uh? :slight_smile: )

In the second scenario, I have my data with URIs and in a personal space (re: @megoth’s What is the difference between a pod and a cloud?

I hope that makes sense :slight_smile: I know I speak a different language, but I also know it is an “always on the learning path thing”, so … :slight_smile:

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As is not located under your public folder, it’s a little bit difficult to view it in the data browser.

If you want to make all resources in Myfirstwebpage public (so that everyone can access the HTML, CSS, and JS you upload there) I recommend copying the .acl file in public to Myfirstwebpage. I also recommend doing this programmatically using curl (or maybe solid-ide can help you?). I’ve written a tutorial for another purpose, but you can modify the commands used in to manage this.

Hope that works for you :slight_smile:


Wow! Thanks. I will do tha acl thing. Just to try it. I already started uploading files and folders the “monkey” - not very programatic - way to a public source and when I am done with the copy&paste, I will share the result :slight_smile: Hopefully a webpage with moving elements! :slight_smile: I will look at the resource you sent, but curl is a bit scary so maybe next year :slight_smile:Happy holidays to you and thanks for chiming in!

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A very helpful tutorial, thanks, it helped me to deploy my web-app in the POD and it works nice. Thanks again.


Hello Theodora, just a hint. I wasn’t able to override the index.html with the Solid IDE (Solside), the server overwrote my version immediately. But transferring per curl did work.


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Antonio, thanks so much for the hint! I will happily look at your example of that is public. And also, with a bit of blush, just wanted to say I am very code unsavvy :slight_smile: I don’t do curl :slight_smile: and servers and things. Just a curios thing-finder. But one day, this curl thing might help :slight_smile: bests from me too!

Well the example isn’t very exiting it is just a PoC: I guess some day those things will be easier in Solid.


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as I wrote, I managed to install a custom index.html following your guide, yeah! But I have now another problem, besides the index.html I have another file and this file isn’t readable for any user. It seems the default for the root solid folder is that only the owner can access. Is it possible to change the ACL from a file in root? With solside isn’t possible for filies in root only for folders :frowning:

Thanks in advance

It is cool. I like it since it is different :slight_smile: One day, I will change the “landing page” fo my Solid WebID too.

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