API for creating solid pods


I am currently working on a project where i have to create solid pods for students and give them the pods access with temporary passwords. Is there any API available to talk to the solid node server to create solid PODs programatically? Or i have to modify the source code of the node server to achieve this? (P.S. We have our own solid server).


Did you ever get an answer for this? I have a similar use-case.

It is possible to do this with CSS and NSS, though I don’t think anyone has written a specific guide; it’s mostly about putting the right data & files in place, as both servers are filesystem based (compared to ESS which is postgresql/mongodb + s3-like storage, iirc)

OK, so I have grabbed a clone of GitHub - nodeSolidServer/node-solid-server: Solid server on top of the file-system in NodeJS and am running a local bin/solid-test instance to check what data is saved where for multiple users and it looks like I just need to add a suitable entry in the
‘.db/oidc/users/users’ folder for each user, and add a folder in the /data directory for each user replicating the structure the ones already there.

Does that sound like it covers everything?

Seed pods on CSS Seeding Pods - Community Solid Server

Well I have not seen it done before.
Normally to create a pod, you need to create :

  • entry in .db for user and email with encoded password
  • pod structure with email in root .acl

CSS as a working api to do that

Thanks! That Community Solid Server looks like it will do the trick.

There’s also bashlib which makes it easy to setup pods on CSS