Multiuser: how to set up a password for the root pod?

I have a somewhat newbie question. I’m creating a multiuser pod by following instructions in

For the moment it runs ok, when I connect to the url (e.g. I see the front page of the main pod. But then I have only the option to “register” a new user. This creates a subpod (, and this user has no permissions to edit things in

How can I create a user for the main pod? I remember for some tests I made a couple of months ago, the first time it run it gave me the option to create a main user, and then it went to create subpod users.

I think you are missing the point.
There is no root pod it is only a function (https://your domain) to create pods (pop = https://user.yourdomain and webId).
The pods contents are accessible depending on fine grained access control (ACL).
To manage ACL you can use the dataBrowser locker pane (provided by default when logged to your pod).

Mmmm… are you sure that there is no root pod? I see in the ./data dir a directory, besides another one for, and it has some content. And it somehow responds when I try to access the root site it responds as if it were a pod (but I have no permission to access).

It is not a pod it contains defaults for pod creation

Interesting. This seems to clarify many things. So at I can only see a static web site, and all pods, with the full solid interface, are in Isn’t it?

Thanks a lot.