How to control who registers to my pod server

I am in the process of creating a new POD server with high quota (probably 1Gb), for the plan of creating an new social network on top of Solid (see here : New decentralized social network, specialized in sharing public and Creative Common content). I am doing this with, check here : Deploying solid in kubernetes, anyone has experience and can help us?

My question is : I want this POD server to be used exclusively for people who want to join / test the new social network, to make sure the extra quota allocated goes to this social network project.

Is there a way to do this out of the box with Solid server ?

I think you could change the landing page and put a pré-inscription form, that send you a mail . If you authorize, create a token on the server , a link with this token in a mail send to the user

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Good point, for this aspect there is some identity verification and purpose desired which also legally makes sense.

Essentially some way to tier accounts on your own server.

Are you asking about inclusion in the open source project itself though, because you would be able to control any specific implementation related things on your own server and installation.

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I am not sure I understand the question. You mean to include this on the solid pod server open source project? I guess it makes sense, I would not be the only needing something like this. And if I would do something for my own server, I would rather then do a pull request on the Solid pod server project

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Yes definitely thinking that, I would imagine that users of the open source project currently also manage differentiation of accounts as well as installs and servers and domains in some fashion already, so a sharing of patterns would make sense.

Right now I’m assuming the simplest way is people just creating a certain installation where they don’t expose registration publicly and manually register specific people by request.

That’s a similar discussion around default storage per account, I don’t think anyone is currently publicly automating some tier system where “verified” or paid users get more storage etc …

The question would be whether that should be at the open source project level or managed independently per usage and such.

Definitely seems like it should be modular.

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Yes definitively should be modular, it makes sense. For making it modular, it could be published as an extra layer on top of the Solid server, so that we could have different solutions available depending on the needs. Also it could make the use of Solid more user friendly for end users, and a step forward people who are not so much techies…

My question is then : is the Solid Pod server exposing a set of APIs that I could use to build such a layer ?