How to get back into pod with index.html


I added a new source on a pod - an index.html in the public space. I figured out after I did it that it was a bad idea. Now I can’t browse to the public portion of the pod to manage resources. How might I rectify the mistake?


You can remove the /public/index.html with this webapp Solid-ide (solside) is now on github


yes, i second using Solside, this is a great app, and is very useful for editing. Here is an example of what you can do in 30 minutes:


Wow! Thanks so much for your support!


Your so welcome and thank you for providing this app for the community, it really Rocks!!!


I’ve taken a look at that one, but I don’t see the option to actually remove any files- just edit them. How would I remove them in Solside?


Totally agree… this is a great app! Kudos for making it happen!


Cick on the green icon next to a file name to delete the file. For a folder, first enter the folder and the click on its green icon to delete.


You’re a lifesaver! That worked!

@adventure - that’s so cool! I think I’m going to love it here!


Thank to Jeffz for a great app! ! if you need any help you can PM me and I will do my best to help where I can.


@chuckdee68 feel free to post a link here, would like to see what your working on.


That link is not helpful at all


Not helpful for the original question, but it did help me to see that I was looking at Solid all wrong as far as what would be my homepage, so cut him some slack on that one :slight_smile:


Fair enough, I was in a bad mood, I apologise.