Index.html in a Pod folder and keeping browser

I know I can put an index.html file in a folder of my pod to change the behavior of that folder. Then the index.htlm is displayed instead of the possibility of browsing that folder.
But what I would like to have is BOTH :

  • an html file where I could for example explain what is that public folder, what data is in , how it can be used, which webapp can use it, who must be contacted to fix errors with that data…
  • and keep the possibility to browse that folder…
    But I don’t know which file I have to modify in the solid-gui to do so.
    If anyone has an idea how to do that?
    or perhaps is it in the solid-server?
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You can allways browse the folder with Solside-ide
or use an other <name>.html file

Or put a little snippet at the bottom of the index.html which calls solid-file-client and uses it to display a dynamic, possibly clickable list of the files in the folder.

TXS, as you , I’ve used solside, but it’s not easy for every user’.
What I had in mind is more a snippet of html / iframe on the top of default folder browser .
An option provided for the owner to easily describe that folder, perhaps an index.html.pod that could be stored in that folder and included on top of default browser

Do you know if this is the solid-server or the solid-gui that decide to show the index.html or the browser ?

it seems I read somewhere that there is an implicit index.html and that when we had one it superseed the implicit one and you cannot see the container content anymore.
You can allways list the container content and access it through the solidFile.folder()

The file you’re after is databrowser.html in the server’s static folder.

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Txs, I’ll take a look

Sorry but I don’t find where is the server test : if I have an index.html I render it , else I show the browser

You can also use the data browser as a web app here:

Enter the url of the folder your trying to show like will give you a view of the public folder like this: even if you created an index.html page in the folder. Then you can simply copy the link in your browser and do embed src command with the link of the view you just created in the data browser.

Now you can show a view of the public folder and make notations about it on the /public/index.html page. As an added feature discovered, you should see the index.html file in the list, you can delete it by opening the file, select the gear tab, and delete it; what should appear on the /public should be the above data browser views.

As an example, see you can see the index.html file. You can also edit the pod via the data-browser-as-a-web-app.


Thxs @adventure that could do the trick.
I’ll take a look at.
Is this the same way that you used to
mentioned in Conceptual Design - Solid better User Experience ?


you can see the embed src code, seemed to be the easiest way to work it in.

There are several things you can do with the data browser, maybe we should start a thread on that subject.

I created a file for you as an example on my pod.

Lets say you want to use the data browser to show a URL or URI on page load, You can create the page like below, and then, embed src that into your page so you can explain what happened to the public folder. Here I have the public folder of preloaded into the data browser:

Now you can <iframe that into your page that you want to explain or you can use embed src either way works. Here is a link to the page above:

If you want to change what the data browser is displaying, simply change this line of code I have highlighted in blue, to what ever you want the data browser to point to:

I am currently working on customizing the data browser to do certain things so, if anyone is interested in sharing ideas, feel free to pm me here, or on gitter @mikeadams1. Over the next couple weeks I will be launching a customized version of the solid data browser, and a hacked version of one of my previous hacks, using code pulled from various NSS related repos here. A link to the site I am developing is here: and at is where I will launch our own Solid WebID Pod Server.

Ok, it’s integrated

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@smag0 Nice job!

all merit is yours :wink: , now i’ve to put it in a js web-component / module

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Thank’s allot for that! But, I feel the need to credit @timbl @megoth and others that have created and worked on the data browser, it has taken me a month just to understand the mashlib library on this thing.

A suggestion would be to possibly consider also using some of the widgets that are native to solid, like those found in the Meetalator, among other things.

The repo is here: which is just a place for me to store the code.

You may want to create a space for Bikeshed, this is an awesome app.

One of the things that I am trying to grasp is, that people are making react apps to work with solid but yet, you cannot access them via the solid data browser. Like

For me, I think that there should be more development of native solid apps, so everything can be used in connection with the data browser, IMHO.