Index.html in a Pod folder and keeping browser


I know I can put an index.html file in a folder of my pod to change the behavior of that folder. Then the index.htlm is displayed instead of the possibility of browsing that folder.
But what I would like to have is BOTH :

  • an html file where I could for example explain what is that public folder, what data is in , how it can be used, which webapp can use it, who must be contacted to fix errors with that data…
  • and keep the possibility to browse that folder…
    But I don’t know which file I have to modify in the solid-gui to do so.
    If anyone has an idea how to do that?
    or perhaps is it in the solid-server?


You can allways browse the folder with Solside-ide
or use an other <name>.html file


Or put a little snippet at the bottom of the index.html which calls solid-file-client and uses it to display a dynamic, possibly clickable list of the files in the folder.


TXS, as you , I’ve used solside, but it’s not easy for every user’.
What I had in mind is more a snippet of html / iframe on the top of default folder browser .
An option provided for the owner to easily describe that folder, perhaps an index.html.pod that could be stored in that folder and included on top of default browser

Do you know if this is the solid-server or the solid-gui that decide to show the index.html or the browser ?


it seems I read somewhere that there is an implicit index.html and that when we had one it superseed the implicit one and you cannot see the container content anymore.
You can allways list the container content and access it through the solidFile.folder()


The file you’re after is databrowser.html in the server’s static folder.


Txs, I’ll take a look


Sorry but I don’t find where is the server test : if I have an index.html I render it , else I show the browser