Can't understand how the SOLID profile page works

I am trying to play with my profile there :

And I am getting frustrated… I cannot figure how this works. I tried to create new adress books, I created a private notepad, and it does not seems to really work… If I go to my “Your stuff” page, I see none of the things (address books, notepad) that I created. Where are they supposed to be listed ?

Still I can somehow access what I created through their URI, but I don’t manage to find them back on my profile page / my stuff. Is the solid profile page just an experiment, and not fully working?

Thank you

The interface you’re looking at is called the Data Browser, and there’s a user guide here:

That said, the interface is pretty much a prototype IMO, and needs lots of UX work, as you noted.


Thank you @Vincent for the link.

Is there an alternative to this data browser ? is it something missing / that would be useful to have ?

The data-browser gives you the most complete view of a pod and its linked data relationships. There are a number of ways to view a pod’s documents including - Solid Filemanger and Solide IDE but these mostly do not deal with the linked data in the documents other than offer you a way to edit them manually.

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I think your question

is about the publicTypeIndex that list all that Stuff :blush: more about it here

It could also be completed with a specific settings.ttl file. Create new inbox

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As @vincent stated:

“The interface is pretty much a prototype IMO, and needs lots of UX work, as you noted”

@walter.almeida we’re working on a new redesign of the default databrowser, we have called it OHMYPOD! Still is a work-in-progress project, but maybe you can find it interesting. Any comments are much appreciated! :wink:

This proof-of-concept application tries to improve the user experience (UX) with Pods (Personal Online Data Stores) making it more human, friendly & understandable.

Hope you like it!


Oh yes indeed, I saw the presentation on Zoom the other day !

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Thank you for the links, yes it makes it cleared. Thanks