Databrowser webapp

There is a section in the readme for the form playground, at , which says

“There is also a webapp version of the data browser online: See data browser webapp live on github pages

and I wonder if anybody :blush: could add another data browser webapp there, one using the new folder-table, It will be understood to be experimental.

I would add it for you, but unfortunately I don’t think it does anything novel. What are you looking to do exactly? Data Browser as a web app articulates virtually anything you want it to show; You can also use WARP to do something similar to what you talking about. Displaying something in a file folder view can be done like:

You can also add function to the data browser with other buttons, like

How would you use the added function, I love working with DB so anything I can do to help…

As I understand it, the folder-table is a new view and an alternative to the existing folder pane in the data browser. It says here at that its a “Folder browser for Solid file system: traverse, add new folders, objects, upload files etc”. So I’m hoping we can use it as a web app soon, but if you know how to use it from the existing data browser that would be appreciated.

OK I will try and upload some portion of what it supposed to do in a format that you could copy and put into a pod or something.

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The folder-table pane was mentioned in the gitter chat yesterday

I seen that, I’m working on getting that working for you, I have to reconfigure my library’s.

Thanks. I’ve been reading closely and have seen a lot of people having trouble with it, not just me. At the same time I’ve been complaining, I’ve also been reading the code and trying to figure it out, but I’m kinda slow at that. I’d like to be able to write a simple pane, do you know of any docs on that?

My $0.02:

It seems like solid-panes from the data browser don’t have to go through the system of app authorization. That system of whitelisting apps was put in to prevent apps from messing up each others data, even though they might be given permissions by the WebId using them. That system seems to go against the spirit of permission-less innovation. For example, when you first use an app you get a screen that is sort of like an ultimatum – either I can access everything on your pod – or not. I think this system of app permissions was kind of a stop gap measure until shapes could be used to limit changes to what is agreed to be interoperable with other apps, but it has a chilling effect. So the panes don’t have to go through that (afaict) but that makes the source of any pane code the subject of extra scrutiny, which is unfortunate.

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If app whitelisting becomes predominant, then the apps become a point of centralization.