Solid Data Browser As A Web App

Has anyone worked with the form playground here GitHub - solid/form-playground: Play with applying different forms to different objects, editing forms, etc ?

I was checking it out and it all of a sudden stopped working, anyone else with a problem with this?

Ok, I forked this project from solid/form-playground last week, it was working fine, and all of a sudden, it quit working. So after countless hours of creating the libraries to get it running again, here it is.

When I first got it working again, I could only serve it from a solid pod here:

But now I have it working both in a solid pod and online. Amazing that the solid data browser can now be used as a stand alone browser without being logged into a solid pod.

At the moment I am working on getting the solid data browser to work as a stand alone web browser not just limited to browsing and searching solid pods.

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