Question on forms

Are the forms referred to in and in the same kind of forms as that referred to in ?

While I’m by no means the best person to answer this, my understanding is that, yes, they are all forms built on the ui ontology using the solid-ui library which is part of mashlib and the databrowser but can also be used on its own.


@Smag0 does this also overlap with your post (I'm really too Shexy for my POD) regarding “ui ontology” and “solid-ui-library” or are you demonstrating other means?

Just to clearify a bit further: Both the Data Browser and the Solid React SDK uses the UI ontology to describe the forms themselves, but the form renderers are two distinct implementations (one for the Data Browser, and one for the Solid React SDK (mostly here)). But again, both uses the UI ontology, so both renderers should work interchangeably.


I don’t use for the moment ui-ontology nor solid-ui-lib. I made my own basic parser last summer .
When It find a xsd:string put an input, literal put a textarea , “One of”, put radio…
Here is how I do that

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