[Prototype] Forms, a desktop PWA to edit RDF files and query over them with Sparql

Forms is a desktop PWA that makes it possible to open RDF files.

Matching a specific form for a piece of data is done in two possible ways:

  • The ontology of the type of the data has a triple with the predicate form:Form. That value is then used.
  • The user can go to settings and load a domain. This domain should have triples defining forms:availableForm. The objects of those triples should be references to rdf-form form definitions.

When you have loaded a bit of data, you can query of it with Sparql.

Software used:

  • Chrome unstable for the file handling API
  • Comunica
  • Yasgui
  • n3
  • jsonld.js
  • rdf-form
  • ube / uhtml

Cool! See my Solid-UI-Components for a similar idea.

Cool, this looks promising, hope to see more of it. Can you add a GitHub link? Happy to try it out

The URL is: GitHub - danielbeeke/forms: A desktop PWA to edit and create RDF data with forms that have their form definition saved on the web

Cool! With rdf-form the idea is that you publish the form definition into the open. Is that the same idea for solid UI components? Reusable configuration of multiple components together?

I posted the link.

Some clues:

html/index.html holds triples that tells that there are two forms. To enable those you go to the settings and enter: http://localhost:8080, hit save and do a hard refresh of the page (just for now, it is still a prototype).

Then on the homepage (+ button) it will show a recipe and a person button.

Yes reusable components declared in RDF. There can be both reusable data searches (SPARQL is only one option) and reusable display templates. All based on solid-ui - an extensive form system, the UI component of SolidOS - and on the the ui ontology.

I will updated the app today or tomorrow and will put a message here when it is updated. Ill make sure it is hosted and runs properly so people can test without installing it locally.