Ontology and Shape catalog


It seems clear that the main ontology to use is dcat, and its extensions (which I think are called profiles), to make a catalog of rdf things, probably ontologies but maybe also shapes or other things.

So such an ontology can be used to make a shape, maybe having to borrow from other ontologies here and there. The shape file will have to be made by hand, right? There’s no tool for that?

So anyway after the shape file is made, then two kinds of forms can be made from that shape, right? The one @Smag0 mentions here, https://forum.solidproject.org/t/question-on-forms/2769/5 and the one mentioned here https://www.w3.org/DesignIssues/Footprints.html#forms. Maybe it would be good to make both and compare the process?


As I understand, Footprint say where data must be stored, the other way is to parse the shape to have a data based on ui-ontology, then to implement the UI.

To test mine, you can copy & adapt one of those .shex https://holacratie.solid.community/public/Schema/

And then easyly use it giving the shape_url parameter like that
Not everything is implemented yet, like multi (* in shex) or the Footprint but a good think I’ve discovered is that you can import other shape & create linked forms :blush:


I still don’t understand footprints yet. But for the form based on the ui ontology, I’m not sure if the form playground can be used to just start with an ontology and create a form that uses it, or if a shape must be created first by hand and then the form playground is used to make a form from that shape. I’m guessing its the latter.

For yours a shape must be made by hand.

So maybe its best to take the dcat ontology and make a simple shape from it by hand or with some other tool first.


I started a shape file for this at

This is the shape file I have in mind so far for an ontology and shape catalog. The artifacts it stores could actually be anything so I’m calling them ‘wits’. I haven’t added provenance shapes but probably they should go in there too.

It uses dcat which has catalogs of datasets got through services. So catalogs might use different services from different pods, but it looks like all datasets in a catalog are expected to come from the same service.

Its recursive in that catalogs can contain other catalogs. I havent filled in a lot of the referenced shapes yet. Anybody is welcome to contribute :grinning:


with some little changes, https://holacratie.solid.community/public/Schema/wits.shex
(change the prefix of wits so it can see other shapes, create other shapes as they are requiered even if empty & import my organization.shex that could be something like your Entite shape…)

it can be generated as this https://scenaristeur.github.io/holon/?shape_url=https://holacratie.solid.community/public/Schema/wits.shex

Footprint write is not ok but form generation seems to be

I hope it is not so far as what you expected ?


Awesome @Smag0 ! If I change the shape, can I generate the form myself? That way I can experiment.

Since I’m so lazy, this will be very useful! :+1:


Yes, just put the shape_url parameter.

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