Is my pod dead?

Trying Pixolid, i’ve crashed my POD.
when accessing to

now I’ve got

Error: Don't know how to parse application/octet-stream yet while trying to parse <>; as application/octet-stream

can’t access it my public folder anymore, even via the browser, solid-file-manager, or Pod-explorer.
Any idea ??

If there is no important data inside the public folder you can copy all other data, delete your pod, recreate it, and then copy it back. For transferring in both directions you could use solid-local-pod-manager and Solid Copy. I bet there are other ways to do this, these are the ones I made and therefore know of.

If you have important data there, I don’t know how you could recover it. Maybe an admin of the pod server can help you (idk who that is though). In general I would not recommend to have important data on pods for now, they and the apps using them are not stable enough for that imo.

EDIT: You can also take a look at the issues section of NSS, and see if you find something there. And/or create a new issue.

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Are you able to sign into the pod?

yes, can can sign in, and browse other folder, it’s just the /public .acl that is not in a good type (
I’ve seem something like it seems that it’s now the default type, when contentType is not provided when creating a file :thinking: .
@carloss I think pixolid doesn’t provide contentype ?

Is there a particular reason that is private?

are you able to access any of the files you had in /public/?

no and the browser doesn’t show any .acl or .meta

Sometimes you can access the file in the databrowser directly. You won’t see it in the the listing of /public/ but if you go directly to the url /public/.acl you may be able to edit it.

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as said in my last response, it seems that there are no files .acl or .meta :thinking:

How did you determine that? Those files are never listed in the folder contents, you can only discover if they exist by going directly to them. And I thought you said the .acl was type “octet/stream”. How could it have a type if it doesn’t exist?

BTW, next version of Solid-File-Client, due out VERY soon, will list the .acl and .meta contents of a folder if you ask it to.

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in the pic of the browser, they don’t appear but the appear for other folders like settings

What do you mean “they appear for other folders”? I am not able to see .acl or .meta files in any folder listing. That is a stated feature of NSS.

.acl & .meta appear for “tasks”, not for “public”



and I got a server error

“Tasks” is a folder or file? The possible location of .acl and .meta are shown for files, not for folders AFAIK. But still those only list he possible location, they do not prove the file exists.

I see now in your screenshot - Tasks is a document not a folder. I do not believe you can list .acl or .meta for folders.

Tasks is a folder with files in it

I can’t even access the sharing options of public

I’m very confident that the public/.acl file exists, but its contents or the way it’s stored is broken. Every request which requires the .acl file to be loaded fails with 500 Internal Server Error. If it wouldn’t exist, it should inherit from the parent and not throw that error.

If you have any documents/folders which don’t inherit the permissions from public (ie you have set specific sharing for them) you may be able to directly access and recover those.

As said above, I don’t see how you could solve this issue without an admin. Every request which requires the acl to load fails with 500, including requests to modify the acl file. In your situation I’d create an issue on the NSS repo and/or just recreate the pod.

What happens if you go directly to the URL /public/.acl? [edit : apparently 500 so I’d agree with @A_A]

@RubenVerborgh, @megoth , is there a way to restore my /public .acl ? Please