I can't create a folder in /public folder

Hello, I’m doing a solid chat and I have a problem creating a folder and in the response preview I receive " No permission to access this resource
You are currently logged in as https://myaccount.solid.community/profile/card#me , but do not have permission to access https://myaccount.solid.community/public/ "
If I try to create the folder in inbox how I have the submitters permission for everyone I haven’t any problem to create it, in public folder Everyone have permission only to read.
I use solid-file-client and solid-auth-client and I don’t know how I can solve this.
Thanks for helping me.

Sometimes multiple logins can cause this. Make sure you are not logged in to the pod in another window, then, in your script, logout before you login .

Yes, i have an alert about that,(Caution: multiple versions of solid-auth-client active.) what do you think causes this? I am sure about that i’m not logged in another tab or window and I already try to logout too. Thank you very much.

Try it from incognito mode.

I tried it and the same result

Have you tried to create the folder directly via the Data Browser? ( https://myaccount.solid.community/public/)
If it works, you can compare the requests you made and the ones from the databrowser.