How do I create a new workspace in my POD?

This is a screenshot of a Meeting created, but I don’t seem to be able to create e new workspace. Do I create it beforehand?

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I encountered the same problem while trying to create a New Address Book.

In trying to follow Don Tai’s excellent “Playing with SOLID’s POD” I failed at every turn. This pesky message appears

“You don’t seem to have any workspaces. You have 1 storages.”

I don’t see how to create a workspace. This makes it impossible to try any apps.

What is going on here?

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@phraingck I used to get the same error and ambitious sure how I found I way around it. I haven’t had time to play with Solid this week, but in the upcoming days, I will get back to exploring and create an issue in Maybe this has something to do with limited storage…

I have the same issue by the way… would love to see either a documented hint or a link to the issue ticket. (if there isn’t any, I’ll happily create one :slight_smile: )

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For now, we ignore the workspace issue. More on that by @timbl here: Address Book New Group problem :slight_smile:

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ah, thanks. I think I am very slowly getting the hang of that interface…

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We will never look at the Back button with the same eye :slight_smile: