A Chat in a POD

I saw i can create in my pod a chat. How can i add other pod or users to the chat so they can send messages too?
And i guess is possible to create this chat in my private folder, so can i give access to this chat to other users to see it? or i have to move the chat to public?


I’ve been looking at that recently and i figured out you can edit permissions if you go to
Chat Channel Settings - Document Index.ttl - Sharing (hoover menu on the right of index.ttl - i attach a picture so you can see where it actually is)
There you can drag and drop other people’s cards (or everyone) to give them permission for owner, poster, editor, viewer etc. I’m kinda new at this but i hope it helps. Captura



Yeah, that worked. Now i have moved myself to editor in my own public folder and i cant go back to owner, but at least i know where i can add people.

Hi, I’m new to SOLID, I have seen how to start solid_server with Docker, the next step I wanted to see, is the chat module but not to FIND This menu attached picture in your answer, please could help me Thanks!

Welcome @MONISANCHEZ10, the user guide might help you with your first steps with the solid data browser https://github.com/solid/userguide - nevertheless it is really a bad UX and people are working on better tools. You should be able to press the green + icon in one of your containers and select to create a chat.

For chatting you can also try Solidarity, a Solid chat app.


Well, if you are new to Solid, I don’t think the solid_server is a good entry point. (Except if you are a sysAdmin)
But I think You should first take the role of basic user. Create a Pod https://solidproject.org/faqs#pod, look at @aveltens link to databrowser…
And if you need more about Chat, here is a lib that interact with a Chat stored on a Pod

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Thanks for your answer and welcome @aveltens. The user guide is very useful, but for the chat module:
https://github.com/solid/userguide/blob/master/views/chat/userguide.md#chat-view-user-guide It´s empty. Thanks to your answer I found it! How do I add another person to the chat? Attached image:

You can just give the Chat URL to whoever you want to chat with. To be able to open it and participate in the discussion you have to set respective permissions in the “Sharing” tab (the icon that looks like a suitcase with a lock)

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Thanks again @aveltens!, I finally created a chat. My goal is to learn Solid and create a web application that uses Solid’s pods.