Is it possible to write to another user's pod?


Say I am trying to write a simple game app that involves several different solid users collaborating with each other. So I am wondering what is the best way for two users two communicate with each other. A simple use case might be the following:

  1. Solid User 1 starts as a host for a game
  2. User enters the webId of Solid User 2 in order to invite them to the game.

So I was wondering how best to implement this. The idea I had was to write to a “hosts” file to the pod of Solid User 2 - allowing Solid User 2 to check for new invites. But if I try to write to Solid User 2’s public folder I get an error - which was not unexpected.

Is there a mechanism to write somewhere to another Solid User’s pod or is my approach all wrong here?


I haven’t reviewed it myself, but I believe this explanation of a Solid Chess implementation explains how to satisfy your use case.

Thanks for the info Vincent.

I am now able to send to another user’s Inbox from following that example. But I haven’t been able to get the listening on the socket to work so far. From what I can infer from the example, if I want to listen for incoming mail for say “user1.solid.coummunity” then the following should suffice:

I have done that but when another users sends to my Inbox I do not receive anything on the socket. And I have confirmed that the new documents are being placed in the inbox folder.

Am I doing something wrong here?

That looks alright to me, but I don’t have experience with that, so I can’t really help you more than that unfortunately :confused:

Ah ok cheers. Will try posting a new question so