Errors in trying to use the Chat (Web error: 403 (Forbidden) on PATCH of )


Hey there!

I am getting some errors when trying to use the chat. Particularly therese:

  1. When I want to create a new chat.

  2. When I want to join a chat. This one:

(here, I suppose the person hasn’t made the chat public)

Any ideas? I would be happy to create a public chat (wrangling the concept of meaning… ) and be able to share it.

I remember joining a chat (even uploading a typewriter image created ad hoc) via my phone without a problem and even sending a pic via it.



The chat where you posted the photo of the typewriter was an experimental chat that Tim BL had up for testing for a while. I don’t think it is running anymore. I’m not aware of any other running and populated chats using Solid software, but I could be wrong. I assume you know about gitter Solid chat which is where most of the Solid chatting I know about goes on.


Hi Jeff and thanks for the explanation! I know about gitter, it is just I was going to have a debate :slight_smile: about meaning (and the universe of machine- human- readable data) and it would have been wonderful had it took place somewhere on Solid. I will stay tuned and keep trying the chat thing. Thanks again, have a great day! t


This works for me using Long Chat feature - by default public chats are readable by everyone but write by no one. To change that hover over the long chat name to see the menu and look for the Rainbow icon (4th from right) and click it. You will see a button lower right “Set specific sharing for this folder”, click it.

Important step: Refresh the page and you will see more buckets for setting permissions: Owners, Editors, Posters, Submitters, Viewers. Now drag and drop WebId of person needing write access and pick your privilege bucket. That should do it.