POD Chat Messenger Chrome Extension Published

Hi folks,

POD-CHAT.COM has just published the first Solid POD Messenger Chrome Extension and is looking for Beta Testers. Remember to disable the “Same Cookie Enforcement” of your Google Chrome browser by entering: chrome://flags/#same-site-by-default-cookies into your Chrome browser address-bar, hit enter, disable the cookie enforcement and relaunch your browser. After that the messenger extension should work just fine. If you want to try it but dont have any contacts yet please feel free to add our POD (https://pod-chat.solidcommunity.net/profile/card#me) to your contacts and send us a message. If you have any problems or suggestions please reply to this post. If you like the messenger invite your friends and chat away… :blush:

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…no complaints means it works for everybody? :upside_down_face:

we have by the way solved the “multi pod provider” bug that prevented users from different pod providers to chat together in POD Chat…

if you experience any problems, bugs or have some suggestions please reply to this post or add our POD https://pod-chat.solidcommunity.net/profile/card#me to your contacts and write us a message on POD-CHAT.COM

I tried to login with https://solidcommunity.net:8443 and never succeeded. Is port accepted ?

…if you choose “https://solidcommunity.net/” from the POD provider dropdown when logging in everything should work just fine. it is normal https so the default port is 443. no need to choose any port…

If you succeed add “https://pod-chat.solidcommunity.net/profile/card#me” to your contacts and send as a message :slightly_smiling_face:

But I want to use my pod provider that is HTTPS://solidcommunity.net:8443 with a port extension. This one is different from HTTPS://solid community.net

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…sorry for the misunderstanding. just choose “Any” from the pod-provider dropdown when you login and enter https://solidcommunity.net:8443/ as pod provider. then just follow the regular login process. remember to grant all 4 permissions to make the messenger work. i just tried with a test account and it works just fine…

if you succeed send a message to https://pod-chat.solidcommunity.net/profile/card#me :slightly_smiling_face: