Error: You don't seem to have any workspaces

I’m using a pod on Under the Your Stuff tab, if I click the green ‘+’ sign and then the Markdown File icon I get:

You don’t seem to have any workspaces. You have 1 storage spaces.
TypeError: is not a function. (In ‘’, ‘’ is undefined)

There is another thread in this forum that reports a similar problem but that dates from October 2018 and the last substantive comment seems to say the issue is being ignored for now.

I haven’t seen any mention of ‘workspaces’ in the documentation. Can someone explain what this message means? And is there a fix?

Workspaces were an older concept that is no longer used in Solid. It is a bug that you see this message. The bug is known and is being tracked at No workspace in my pod, and no obvious way to create one · Issue #275 · solid/solid · GitHub. The workaround is to go to “your storage” and then to the folder you want the file in and then hit the green plus. The “workspaces” error only occurs, AFAIK, on the top “your stuff” page.

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Thanks, @jeffz. That’s good to know.