Decentralized Twitter (Dewitter) App Scenario

This is an app scenario very detailed description I created to support the work being done to validate the DIF SDS/Confidential Storage spec. I’m posting the link here in case it is usable in a broader context (e.g. comparing the features/capabilities of SOLID and CS and TCS):

Michael Herman
Trusted Digital Web Project
Trusted Content Storage Subproject

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For example, what would a conceptual solution for the Dewitter app scenario look like using SOLID?

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Thank you, I will have a look.

(It inspired me to write about Solid + ActivityPub here in relation to the very large amount of data that is involved in federating social graphs)

Couple notes about the Dewitter app scenario document:

  • designed specifically for fully decentralized EDV/SOLID “like” platforms …using local storage
  • it’s a First Principles based architecture reference model
  • that is, it’s very detailed based on dozens of numbered assumptions and dozens of numbered platform use cases.
  • one of the stated constraints is that Dewitter is fully decentralized => everything runs on Alice’s Phone, Alice’s Laptop, Bob’s Phone, and Carol’s Tablet.

Check out the link above.

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Closely related, here’s link to the TDW Hub Architecture Reference Model (HUB-ARM): TDW Hub Architecture Reference Model (HUB-ARM) – Version 0.104 | Hyperonomy Digital Identity Lab -

Hubs represent an extension to both the EDV and SOLID models for the inclusion of Public resources in addition to Private and Secret resources.