Decent: A SOLID social network web application

Hi guys,

I have created a social network app using SOLID for my university project. There are 2 aims of the project:

  1. To evaluate whether the SOLID framework can be used to create a familiar and user friendly OSN experience.
  2. To specify some structural standards for storing OSN user data on a SOLID POD to promote interoperability between applications.

I’d love for anyone to give it ago and would really appreciate some feedback!

It is published at React App .


Cool! I posted something there, so if anyone wants to add me and see if they can see it:

Add me on Decent!

Hi Annie,

Nice work! May I ask what libraries did you use to build the app?

@Vincent I tried adding you but I got an error :frowning:

What’s your WebID? I can try adding you myself?

Source code appears to be on GitHub, appears to use Inrupt’s JS (+React) libraries. (I like your last commit @Annie-Talbot :stuck_out_tongue: )


Hi there,

Sorry, its not too error resistant at the moment. I’m working on it!

My WebID is :

Hi @Vincent ,

I tried sending you a friend request but can’t as you need to create your notifications directory on your POD. You can do this by clicking on notifications, then clicking the plus.

Let me know when you’ve done it, ill add you :slight_smile:

I tried adding you, but then the entire app crashed and I was left with an empty white page and this in the console:

I think I added you now, but had to give your app permission to change access settings as well. I also saw this error, which I think is because the app relies on a notification protocol that’s only supported by Inrupt’s ESS server:

Uncaught (in promise) Error: The server appears to not support notifications: Error: Could not determine storage root or well-known solid resource.

I’ll look into the first as that definitely shouldn’t be happening. Might be something I recently messed with.

For the notifications, I have not tested with anything other that Inrupt, so this makes sense. I was not aware it was not supported. Is there any other notification-esq protocol for other servers? Otherwise I can set up a time triggered update.

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Cool app, thanks Annie! I got some errors too, trying to find my way around.

I’m not up-to-date on notification protocols. Tried with an ESS test Pod, and unfortunately also was unable to add people - went to the broken white page again.

Add me on Decent!

Hey guys,

I don’t get any error on mine so not quite sure what it is, but have tried to fix and re-deployed. Could you give it another go? @Vincent @hzbarcea


I can see @hzbarcea now!

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Notifications seem to be working.