Address Book New Group problem

While attempting to create a new Group in New Address Book, I received this error message:

Failed to save groupError loading people index! Failed to load Fetcher: Previously failed: 404 status: 404

What’s up with that?

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Looks as though the file (groups.ttl) which lists your groups doesn’t exist. A new address book should have a an empty file there ready tp hold the groups. If you go to (which normally world be public but isn’t in your case) then you could try to create a new empty file of that name.

    • click the green plus
    • click the source file icon
    • give ‘groups.ttl’ as the name of the new file

See if that helps.

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Adding to the top of this Reply to share how I got it working with help from timbl (who noted that my public folder wasn’t), TheodoraPetkova (who demonstrated how to change sharing on a resource):

In my case, the resource was my public folder. At some point, I must have inadvertently deleted “Everyone” from “Viewers” in Sharing for my public folder.

In addition to creating a “groups.ttl” file as suggested by timbl I had to create a “people.ttl” file. In both cases I had to ignore the “workspace” error message and specify “” above the “Start new sourceat this URI” button.

I’m now able to add groups and contacts within those groups.

This community rocks!

Gave that a go, but no luck. Now I’m running into the “make a new workspace” problem. More on that later.

I obtained a new POD from then played with a few apps per the excellent post by Don Tai:

Back to my POD at Solid.Community. Below are a few screenshots that I captured while trying to add a new group>

After going to my public folder:

(Note the absence of a green plus sign.)

After clicking the public home icon on the far right:

Now I have a green plus sign!

After clicking that green plus sign:

After clicking the “Make New Source” icon:

Note the message about workspaces.

Any other idea?

Thanks again for your help!

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Thank you for this update! I will definitely try the Address book thing :slight_smile: Looking forward to it. And the workspace matter - I just ignore that for now, and hope more info will soon be available.

Yes, ignore the workspace question for now. We thought at one point that it would be useful to have named workspaces to keep track of places on different pods which they shared with different people. There is a vestige of that when you create a new thing with no contact, in the home pane. The idea is that users should go through life without having to worry about URLs.

If you create things in the folder pane, or the meeting pane, then there is no need to ask where to put the new thing, as it is put in the folder or the meeting. You just have to give a short name for the last part of the URL. I always use those in fact to make new things.

It may be that we bring the workspace idea back in some form particularly for mobile where no one wants to typing large URIs.

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