Group of friends in my solid app

Hi everyone!! We are building an app with solid and we don’t know very well how to structure a group of friends to share some content. We know how to obtain friends, but not how to make a group with them. Some help would be appreciated. Thanks in advanced!!


I had the same issue and found that it can be solved with an Address Book thanks to this other topic: Address Book New Group problem

To sum it up, we can create a group of friends inside the Address Book that will be saved inside the user’s pod as a file (here you can find more or less an example in the Address Book section:

I hope this information is helpful :blush:

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If you use groups on facebook, you could invite some from the group to comment on a specific post, or a twitter feed that, is hosted on your solid pod. Such as:

The link above is an example I have created allowing a person to use facebook to comment on a twitter feed hosted on a solid pod.