What is the easiest way to download all the data in my POD?

To manipulate it with Desktop applications, perhaps sync it again…

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May be you could look to Solid-shell
or use recursive-copy to a docker Solid Pod with persistant data folder, then you can edit the files in the data folder (beware it’s a hack, don’t delete/add files).

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Recursive copy is not yet ready for prime time. A similar copyFolder() method is available in solid-shell (sol). Currently, they both work only in Solid space - in other words from one Pod to another. If you want to copy from a non-Pod to a Pod, use upload() and download() in solid-shell.

Note: As far as I know, the recursive-copy script mentioned before has been improved. Maybe it would solve the issue now @jeffz?

If you are only interested in downloading the data and want to do it via a user interface, you could use the solid-filemanager for it.
(1) Login
(2) Select files and folders you want to download
(3) Right click -> Download zip

This will download all files and folders, except for .acl files¹ (used for controlling access rights). You can then modify it as you wish, zip it again, upload it and unzip it via the solid-filemanager again. Keep in mind that permissions may be different then.

¹ .acl support is on my todo list so it will likely be added in the next month.

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Solid recursive copy lets you download or upload an entire folder tree (e.g. an entire pod) is in testing and usable, will be part of rdflib soon. For now I believe it is stable, you can try it out at https://github.com/jeff-zucker/rdflib.js, there are sample usages in the example folder. There is an option {aclCopy:true} which supports copying of .acl files. The recursive delete (also in the same fork/repo) automatically deletes .acl files.


An update - my work on rdflib recursive copy has now been folded into Solid-File-Client which has extensive recursive copying routines with ability to control what gets merged and to work between diverse pods and local file systems.

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That is really nice!. I’ll take a look,

I want to manipulate some files offline, and then do some sync with the POD.

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If you are going to be doing syncing between local files and a pod, use Solid-File-Client with Solid-Node-Client as the auth/fetch, it transparently treats the file system as a Pod. Solid-Shell is a comman-line/interactive shell that handles those two packages so that one can do stuff like a single line “cp https://foo/ file:///bar” will recursively copy from Pod to local. I haven’t updated Solid-Shell to use the latest Solid-Node-Client, so if you use it and have problems, feel free to submit either issues or PRs and I’ll change it.


I will try it, thanks!

You could try solid-ide that has import/export and can zip/unzip recursively.

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