Storing data for Dead Letter in a Pod


Could someone tell me if I could use a Pod to store data for another internet service ( I don’t want to create multiple repositories for my information and solids looks like a good solution.


If you can tell that other service to use your POD as a storage sure. If they don’t have that option, you might be able to code something yourself, but that’s probably not what you are asking I guess :wink:

The other service just seems to pull information from anywhere on the internet, so I’m guessing connecting them won’t be too difficult.

Is their a guide to help with connecting the two services?

@Winn you can use @jeffz’s to read & write data from/to your POD

I use it in this Javascript / Polymer2 element holacratie-behavior.html .

With that, I can retrieve data from a POD
in ( wait 15 s & refresh if nothing appears ;-], then in spoggy-holacratie mode) and post to

I don’t know so could you link some page where the talk about data storage ?
Do you have an Author Key ? Example of code, data that you want to store ?..

Their website is a little confusing but, this seems to be an data store

I thought I could host the files within a pod to offer them greater protection but I’m not sure that would work…