Spatial data in Solid Pods

Hello everyone!

I am working on a research project for university to assess the feasibility of Solid for use with the geo/spatial data context. To play around with the Pods a bit, we developed a methodology to explore how various spatial data standards and formats can be used within the Solid ecosystem. I have very limited web dev background and so the point is to try out some simple things.

I have followed this tutorial to create the getting started app: Getting Started — Inrupt JavaScript Client Libraries

I have modified it a bit to upload files instead of writing text data. Now, as I understand it a Pod is just a good old filesystem which can be used to store all kinds of files with Linked Data being a benefit which is not necessarily a requirement. My data consists of 5 sample location points formatted in several spatial data formats (GPX, GML, GeoJSON, KML, XML). However, I have only been able to upload the location points only in GeoJSON and XML formats.

I assume that all of these formats could easily be uploaded as Linked data but I am not sure I have the technical ability to do that so I wanted to try files first. How is it possible that some files can be uploaded to a pod and some not? Is that a limitation of Solid, Solid Community Pod, or is it something else? Are there some resources available which deal with or discuss the use of spatial data in a Pod?

Thank you very much! Have a nice day!

If it helps, the sample data and code can be found here:

Which server is the data being stored on - CSS, ESS, NSS? What content-types are giving you problems and how do you specify them when writing? What error messages do you get when the write fails?


Hi Jeff,

Thank you for getting back to me. The Pod is on Solid Community which runs on NSS. Your question about content-types gave me an idea which I quickly tested and it appears to working now for files which did not before. The issue was that I was not specifying the content-types properly and received bad request errors.

Thank you for your help!