Posting data to a pod

Hi. I’ve been tinkering a bit with Solid (very interesting project. Props to all involved!) and am trying to write a simple app. I’m a bit stuck with how to write data.

I’ve got a solid server running and a simple vue js client side app (using a vue solid plugin) which I can log in and retrieve basic user data from.

What I’d like to do next is to write some data. Specifically, I’d like to write location data which translates in linked-data terms to something like

Can anyone point me in the general direction of how I can do this or specific examples of writing arbitrary data to a pod? The vue lib provides access to LDFlex - but I see there’s also rdflib.js - Which should I use?

Any tips very welcome. I’m drowning a bit in new concepts and libs currently. =]

Hi @alexstacey, you might be interested in this cheatsheet of common operations with a number of libraries. It might also help you choose which library to use - although if the Vue plugin ships with ldflex, it’s probably easiest to just go with the flow and use that :slight_smile:

Btw, @SharonStrats has been doing some experiments with location data as well, so you two might be interested to connect.


When you already got LDFlex in the library, I’d suggest to use it. It seems pretty convenient for reading and writing RDF files. I don’t know how good the documentation of it is, but if you don’t find something you can search on this forum and probably find it.

If you want to work with other files too (like pictures) I’d suggest to use the solid-file-client for that.

That cheat sheet is really useful. Thank you!

Great. Thanks for the tips

Good to hear! I haven’t publicised it widely yet and it’s still somewhat work-in-progress, but if there’s anything you’re missing, or that’s unclear, let me know.

Really a great cheatsheet. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: