We would like to get feedback on our Social Linked Beer app

In the Netherlands, Özcan Seker, a student from the Saxion University of Applied Sciences, has developed a first version of a Solid-based Social Linked Beer app, as part of an internship.

The app allows you to login as a beer drinker or as a brewery (two different use cases) and shows your Solid profile data within the app (with the date you started using this app, the number of check-ins and reviews you have created and your beerbonus points).

In this app you can search for beers (a limited number of test beers at the moment), you can look at the brewery details of every beer, you can do a beer check-in (posting that you are drinking this beer at this moment), you can create a review for a beer, which you can post as a public review or as a review within a group. You make friends within this app (with a social linked beer account) and you can create groups from the list of friends that you have. So, you send friend and group invitations that app users can accept. You can look at your friends’ profile details and their activities and you can check the review activities of your groups and the ranking of beer drinkers in a group.

Currently we have a limited number of test users that are testing the current version of the app:

And we would like to enlarge the number of test users to collect more feedback on this app before mid-December that we can do an evaluation of what works well, what doesn’t work or doesn’t work well and what we can improve before February 1, 2020.

We have the basic functionality for beer drinkers that you can check out and we will add more beer data and the brewery functionality in the near future. We will also improve the GUI based upon your feedback that we can have the best possible user experience. Our ambition is to have a solid Social Linked Beer app by February 1, 2020 that we can use as a Solid demonstrator to explain how data is stored in Pods and used by Solid apps with an easy but appealing Solid use case.

The Social Linked Beer app and its source code can be found via:

To test this app, you can best create a separate test Pod for this that you solely use for testing the Social Linked Beer app (like my beerdrinker Pod). The only drawback is that you can have login problems when using multiple Pods (this is a known Solid problem, you can resolve now by deleting your cookies in your browser or by using an incognito screen in your browser).

And the app only works properly when you have checked one more checkbox during your first login into the app, see enclosed screen dump (otherwise you get an acl error message).

So, let’s have a beer together, let’s make friends, let’s create groups with group activities, have fun with the app and provide us with feedback that would help improving the app.

You can give you feedback via this forum or when you run into an issue with the app, you can create an issue on GitHub we can look at and see how we can resolve that issue before February 1, 2020.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Hi, I like beer, so I want to try it out :slight_smile: … but when I get here

I dont know what to do. Can I add a review of a beer?


That is your profile screen, so the beers you check in will be added to recent activities. You can search for a beer in the search bar. You can only check in 3 kind of test beers at the moment. I do have a beer data set, hopefully I can add it by the end of the week.

Thanks, but how do I add a new one?

Top right there is a search bar. You can search for beers there.

I like the concept of the app but, does this really give any app from twee.fi access to the users pod?

I don’t think twee.fi has been mentioned anywhere in this thread, and I cannot find any reference to it in the source code of the app.

Where did you get twee.fi from?

Ah, it’s in the image, sorry didn’t see that.

I think it’s only used as an example.

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@adventure Shap focus!! And apologies, I used a different screen dump, only to highlight what is important (otherwise I had to start from scratch again)

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Just thought I would ask, really nice app btw!

We are also looking for more guidance on how to set permissions to certain parts of a Pod at a more granular level (e.g. sub folder or resource level). Where can we find that?

The current version of our Social Linked Beer app gives full access to a Pod, which will be a undesirable situation for most Solid use cases, where you want to give more controlled and more granular access at the right level within a Pod. How can we implement this?

There’s not currently an easy way to do this. As in, an app can’t itself be in control of it (because it needs control over the whole Pod to do so), so the user will have to manually limit permissions for an app using the Data Browser. People are working on ways to make this easier, I believe in the Authorization and Access Control Panel.


My advice is to make this a high priority topic within this panel, since this will be a ‘make or break’ feature most Solid use cases.

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