Solidelight - A Personal Restaurant Recommender (+ User Survey)


I have developed Solidelight, a simple mobile recommendation system for restaurants and bars based on Solid.
It’s a web app designed for mobile devices and you can find it here:

It is free and open source (MIT license) and the source code is available here: GitHub - sstieger/solidelight: Solidelight - your personal mobile restaurant and bar guide, powered by Solid.

The app works like this (you can also simply open it to view a brief introduction):

  • You add and rate (review too, if you’d like) your favorite places.
  • The recommender system will use your ratings to suggest nearby places (the distance from your location also influences the recommendations).
  • You can also share your ratings and reviews with other Solidelight users (if you’d like to do that, you need to allow the app to manage access to data on your Solid Pod).

Everything will be stored on your Solid Pod. As a location provider, HERE is used ( If you share your location with the app, it will be used to find nearby places via the HERE API, so you should agree with that when using it.

It would be great if you could briefly test the app and give me feedback on what you think of it!
I’m also conducting a user survey on the app right now, if you’d like to participate (which I’d be very grateful for), you can find it here (it will be available until 15/04/2022):

Here’s a little app preview:



Hi simon, You might want to submit your app to be listed here: at staging · solid/ · GitHub
There’s an email address at the bottom of the list to submit an app.
(BTW, I’m not the owner of that list, and I don’t know if it’s still being maintained and updated, but it’s the only place I’ve seen a list with that many different types of Solid apps listed.)