VSCode on top of a POD?

I believe it would be useful to edit a POD using an IDE such as VSCode or Eclipse Theia (https://theia-ide.org/)

There is something like that already out there?

It would look like https://github1s.com/ , Repl.it, Gitpod, Sourcegraph, etc.


Hi Cristian, you might be interested in @jaxoncreed’s O Edit: https://edit.o.team

It doesn’t support browsing data yet, as far as I know, but it does provide an editor based on VSCode, if I recall it correctly.


Take a look at Solid-IDE which supports the ACE editor with syntax highlighting, etc. It could also be adapted to use other editors.

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Thanks for the pointers ! :slight_smile:

@jaxoncreed , is the source code open?

I think this is it: GitHub - jaxoncreed/o-edit: The o-edit app

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