What's best triple editor on the Web that suits SoLiD development?

During development, some prototype on data is needed, so I’m adding triples manually, and searching ontologies on https://whattheontology.herokuapp.com/about and https://lov.linkeddata.es/dataset/lov/terms?q=translation. And uploading them using solid-ide.

Currently, there is no example usage on the docs and no intellisense and tooltips and snippets on solid-ide.

Is there a better perfessional triple editing environment ( better if it’s a web app with beautiful UI ) ?


You can take a look at our RDF Editor which supports saving Triples to Solid Pods via “Save As” feature.


  1. Home Page
  2. Chrome Store Entry for Browser Extension
  3. Screencast Demo 1
  4. Screencast Demo 2 – Part that saves to a Solid Pod via LDP protocol

Hope that helps