Updated Privacy Policy

Please note that we have updated our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service. Your continued use of this Forum assumes the acceptance of these policies, so before continuing to use the Forum please take a moment to review these documents.

What’s new — the TLDR:

  • We have updated our Privacy Policy to reflect our compliance with GDPR and to explain in more detail what information we collect in order to run the Forum, why we collect this information, and how we use it.
  • We explain the rights you have to change, download or delete your personal data and describe how you can exercise those rights. For example, you can delete your account by visiting the preferences section of your profile page. Closing your account starts a process of erasing or anonymizing the data you provided.
  • There were some questions in the Forum recently about how we handle deleting user data while still preserving the integrity of the Forum and the posts of other users within a particular thread. In these cases, note that after you delete your account, the information that you’ve shared with others in the Forum may continue to be publicly visible — however, the attribution of this information to your profile will be removed. Your username will be anonymized and replaced by a unique number that will act as a placeholder for any posts.
  • The Terms of Service are largely unchanged. However, under Section 10 (Termination) we’ve made our expectations a little more specific, requiring that Forum users act in accordance with the “Responsibility of Contributors” set out in the Terms and comply with our Forum Guidelines. Failure to do this may result in the termination of your account and loss of access to the Forum — so please be civil to each other and understand your responsibilities. In Section 15 we address data transfers and explain that the Forum may store or transfer data in different jurisdictions, such as the United States or the European Economic Area.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about how we handle personal information you can contact us at: info@solidproject.org.