Can we copy all documentation onto the forum?

It’s not easy find info about Solid. It needs to be in one place, be easy to search, easy to update, and people should be able to comment on it. Can we setup a category for this and copy across as much info as we can find? Trusted members should be able to edit the docs as well.

Also, is there any update with regards to when we will be able to login to this forum using our Web ID? It has been covered here: However, this was in 2018. Are there still plans to do this?

It wouldn’t be great for SEO, but then I don’t see how any Solid app would be - another reason why we need a user driven way of specifying what content is good/bad using likes/dislikes.

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Hi Glen,

Anyone can make suggestions to edit

You can read more about how to make suggestions on


OK I see. Is there any reason why this can’t be done on the forum? I would assume that this is where most people will come when they want to find out about Solid. I often find answers by searching previously asked questions.


“General Discussion” a handy theme. Often the material on here is the basis for the more static material found on the website.