If building reddit style site using Solid; my questions

Hi everybody. If I had created a reddit clone (I had) and wanted to transition it to solid, wondering if the experienced solid folks could answer a few architecture questions that have come up. The point I’m at is: New to this style thinking but already like the solid principles and am interested. Played around with it had no trouble with auth on the client side and posted data for a comment using turtletext with web annotation standards etc. Here’s my remaining questions:

  • any thoughts on handling search? I’m thinking to make it optional (tick box upon posting) and store the text server side, associated only with the url to get to the post result. Though searching by author and tags would be desirable too… I want my internal search to still have powerful options and be very fast, at least on craigslist level

  • for sorting content, by date is easy but for voting think I should store voting algorithm data server side as well? or as content is raised, keep a list of replies and continually reorder it for each comment on the pod

  • for notifying users of content on rooms they subscribe to (and other features like PM), this is a situation where they may not be logged in by I’m sending data only known to them (not necessarily public). Can my server handle this using a token their auth granted me or something?

If anyone can think of any other potential gotchas I think it’s an interested convo. Cheers


With server-side you mean the server where the app is running or do you mean the server where the PODs are hosted?

Multiple ways to tackle this. Some options are: all in the PODs, all on the app’s server (not advised), or a hybrid solution where there the truth is on the PODs and an aggregate on the server.

If I understand your question correctly, you can do this via the inbox of the PODs.

Thanks for your answers.

from the apps server I’d say. Are there plans for a pod server based search solution that would take into account other pods public data across a topic?

I agree it may work well to simply reorder a list of replies on the pod side only

I’ll look into inbox cheers

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That approach is quite centralized imo.

Can we use SPARQL to do world wide search now?