Uncomplete list of servers, interdisciplinarity

how can we interdisciplinary coordinate and connect to each other in the solidoverse ? just as an example we have as servers

believe me, not doing this cause I am responsible for one of them. the digital and the analog life will get further mixed.

of course I can elaborate. I’ m half a technician and half an Experienced Involvement Health care person. it be, how it is, now we have (positive seen) some Covid-19-Apps tips and many of us rely on DE-CIX and try to be helpful. lets just do as good as we can, although I must admit, a part of me says, its gonna be hard and maybe not sufficient. together.


Morning Matthias,

There is a list of Pod providers on https://solidproject.org/use-solid/

To suggest changes you can submit a pull request to https://github.com/solid/solidproject.org/blob/staging/pages/use-solid.md

Perhaps an idea to distinguish between Pods that have terms and conditions and those that do not so that users know when the relationship framework with the Pod provider is clear.

What kind of coordination between servers did you have in mind?

  • just thought from scratch, bundling the efforts
  • for my part, have got no terms yet
  • even async communication does help, is my experience
  • is the group call for thursday in queue, or planned ?
  • will keep the PR in mind, serving the server is for now just what I can do
  • have no more daytime job and can help, e.g. support for solid.community on gitlab
  • thanx

http://forum.solidproject.org/c/become-a-Pod-provider and https://gitter.im/solid/pods could be good communication channels.

Thursday W3C call always open to anyone who would like to join. The first online Solid Event will happen on Thursday 2nd April at 1600 CEST.

@jaxoncreed a good person to reach out to around solid.community

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  • am trying to make https://solidweb.org more professional, 100% uptime reached, no terms yet, location either cologne or strassburg, virtual server, apache reverse proxy
  • support via email
  • am maintainer in the gitlab section of https://solid.community already
  • my next steps would be details of the hardware, location, terms, keeping as is and improving
  • could you provide more details of the Apr. 2th meeting ?
  • greetings to A’ dam, lets keep the line alive… :wink:

Will make sure to include the online Solid Event invite in This Week in Solid and on solidproject.org in the next few days

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have got terms now. mainly technical and jurisdictional.

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why does everything sound like programmer speak… when are we going to graduate to something the user can understand… im a programmer and i dont even know what everyones talking about most of the time :frowning: