Solid Roadmap - What shall we do next?

Hey Solid Community,

while the Solid Vision is a really great long term aim, I am wondering what we are all about to focus on, during the next weeks and month.

I installed a Solid server, I played arround, built example apps and tried some libraries. I could do more of this, or start a “real” project, which I will abandon eventually due lack of time…

This is why I think we should collaborate on a common goal to help Solid lift off. What is the next logical step, the most pressing issue that has to be worked on? Let’s create a Roadmap and team up on making progress on it.

What do you think?


Just some ideas (not in any order), fwiw…

LDN for Solid. I guess that would be server side? Some called for apps like ontology/shape hub could probably use LDN.

Client side component library work:

web components
solid-panes. why solid-panes needs to be explained better

shape to ux generator, for new not just existing ttl

mapping on a mobile?
stanbol on solid?

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@aveltens There are many members of the Solid community working on elements of Solid and I think it’s a great idea to coordinate. Perhaps you would like to lead a conversation about this in the W3C Solid Community Group tomorrow?


Are you looking to build something to launch for the developer community or, the future solid user, or both? I know that @megoth is working on Improving UI/UX/DX of solid-panes/mashlib (aka Solid data-browser), I think that this would be great to dive into. Maybe Inrupt Inc., can share with the community some concepts they have and general ideas.

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Would love to.

Both. I would focus on the users, but there will be inevitably work to be done for the developer community to make a great user experience in the end. ok - your item is added, see you in a couple of hours.

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Are you looking to do something with your solid server, such as becoming a pod provider?

Collaborating on a common goal will take more than just coordination, but also perspiration and leadership.

This frontier like any other is made up of prospectors and utopians. Asking a developer in the prospector frame of mind for a list of the most pressing issues is like asking a gold miner for a map of where the gold is.

What you need are utopians. At first they may have trouble using picks and shovels and hammers and nails, but they will get the hang of it. They will debate a lot about small things but in the end they could make something great out of nothing.

I think we should start off a conversation geared towards building more Solid based business opportunities. I would like to see more pod providers. If solid is the way of the future, then the future should learn from the past. One or two primary pod providers to service such a large population may not be a good idea. So I think that @aveltens running NSS is great! Have you thought of ways to commercialize it?

Lets say all of a sudden solid goes viral, and it will, if inrupt inc., obtains government contracts, and large corporate contracts from around the world, how will it be able to simultaneously serve personal users at the same level they service governments and larger institutions?

IMHO, Solid needs more pod providers in order to create a more vibrant Solid Society.

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No, it just provides Identity and Storage for myself.

Agreed. And I think some of the work that is currently in progress fuels that goal. E.g. a test suite helps to create solid compatible servers and as a commercial POD provider I would definetly do that and not rely on NSS. Also modularising NSS helps regarding that goal.

With the info found here and from the meeting call, I started to create a roadmap on the wiki:

Of course much is missing there yet, so feel free to add a row for what you are working on you right now, or let me know if I shall insert it for you


Thats great, glad to see you got the wiki started, I will try to add to it during the week sometime.

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Highlight any negative points and work on these. When everyone Meets in the middle it is ready.

I think the Solid community need to collaborate on building / supporting some great apps that people really want to use.

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Definetly. But which apps would add the most value to the Solid ecosystem at the current stage? And during development we will continue to find obstacles, like ACL management that need more low level attention and perhaps spec adjustments first.

Agree 100% with the “need more apps” statement, we need an app eco system to evolve and an “app store” to be created, common users will not go to GitHub for apps. At pod42 we are getting ready to begin our early adopter program for our plug and play PrivateDataPod, getting Solid pods into homes behind private routers/modems/gateways/networks is the key to adoption, but again, adoption will only evolve once the apps and the providers are really available. We need a basic Solid mobile friendly social app that we can ship with or make available for download to all pod users. We are working on one to ship with the PrivateDataPod, ETC is TBD right now, targeting Q3 at this time.

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@aveltens hi, I think there are lots of apps to choose from; the other day i started a ‘gitter’ style chat app, not sure how far I’ll get, but if anyone wanted to participate, they are more than welcome


At Volt, a political movement, we are know collaborating with each other using Workplace from Facebook. Can we use Solid in the nearby future to facilitate collaboration?

Just an update, the project in my previous post has been depreciated and has now been moved to

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