The POD could do with a face lift. Can I help?

If you need some help with the UI let me know and I’ll upload something to github.


In this light, that’s exactly what we’re working at

We are developing Ohmpypod! app. We’re trying to make it easier for the users to manage the data they want to store in their POD, because the first step to gain users, is to make their experience joyful.

As first step we want to improve the UI/UX, though without losing the focus about our vision regarding Solid.

Any comments/feedback (opening a issue at GitHub repo) is welcome!

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OK thanks. It looks good. However, i’m talking about the actual POD itself. If I am to ask my users to register a POD, I would like to know that the UI looks good. For example, simple things like having well designed forms for login/register would make it look more professional.

EDIT: Or is that what you are planning to do?

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Aplogies then! I misunderstand it!

About actual POD itself: the actual UI (is shown by default Pod Provider, which actually afaik all out there implementes the same: Node Solid Server) is really complex and lacks of UI/UX (ok, developers are more focused on usability rather than aesthetics).

Due this reason, we decided to create a new ‘Pod Management System’ (PMS)

A new skin where the UI is not linked to any custom Pod provider. You could switch to another (PMS) if you’d like to… Solid is about choice, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure, but it sounds like you’re asking to help develop solid-panes,

where it says “Volunteers are always welcome!”

solid-panes are used in the mashlib aka the Data Browser

which is the default UX for pods.


@megoth once wanted to do something about it, see

Not sure what happened to this initiative :thinking:


I was just planning to upload a new UI to github. I’ve never used React and have no intention of learning it, so it would be better to let the devs integrate it.

I can reuse many of the same class names and some of the same markup, but I would remove the tables and use CSS grid, and make it responsive.

Would that be helpful?

Afaik, the Data Browser doesn’t use React, but is vanilla Javascript


It would be a dream, if you can improve it and make it responsive @glensimister :heart:

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No probs. I’ll look into it :wink:


I’m still a little confused, sorry. I hope you’re talking about working on mashlib and solid-panes but if not please forgive me…

Recently a new pane called a folder-table was added and it was used in a stand alone web app version of the data browser. For some reason that web app has been withdrawn but the folder-table is still there in its own repository at

It was a more standard file browsing experience and was more intuitive for me and probably others. If you could get that working it would be really great. Or however you want to help improve solid-panes.

There’s an example of the folder-table at

Did you know that putting an index.html file in a folder ( or at the root of your pod :wink:) change the GUI of that folder showing your index.html instead of the default databrowser. This way you can propose another Ui to browse data, manage friends, trusted apps… :wink:


I didn’t know that. Thanks for the info. I’ll look into it :wink:

Right now i’m just playing around with some designs. I think it’s coming along ok. Ignore the icons on the top. I’m not 100% sure what icons i’ll need yet.


“They will not gain more access than you have”

could be more reassuring, like maybe

“To access any resource they must be used or controlled by agents with WebId’s that you have specified for that resource”.

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I’ve gotten into trouble for meddling before, but anyway…

Solid-pane’s are definitely at the deep end of the Javascript pool, and there are no lights, but if you could swim there you would be the first civilian to do that and that would be awesome.

Ok, done meddling :slight_smile:

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Well I’m still wearing arm bands (jQuery) :laughing:

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Very beautiful, @glensimister! Is this in a design tool, or actually displayable as the real thing?

Thanks :+1: Yeh that’s html/css. I haven’t uploaded anything to github yet as it’s still a rough(ish) draft.

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If it comes from the heart, it can never be meddling. Please don’t stop contributing to humanity @tag42git. I can’t speak for others but I can say I appreciate your humanity, your skills, and your soul.

Yet when my own meager attempts to contribute from the heart to humanity magically disappears twice, just like Schrödinger’s Cat, one starts to wonder if its ones mind or ones heart that’s in pure lunacy.