The POD could do with a face lift. Can I help?

Hi Glen I have some ideas where your POD approach here and safe/devolution API interlink & dash work could be useful in design of a generic template which supports both solid and safe in a real health system demo/testnet. Is your CV profile protonmail email address the best way to connect?

Hi. Yeh the protonmail address is fine :wink:

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Can i get your thoughts on what i’ve done so far? Solid POD UI

I still have a lot of improvements to make. It’s responsive but I haven’t done any cross browser/platform testing yet.

Also, I still don’t know what to do with the icons on the top yet. If I can find a use for them i guess i’ll just remove them.

I’ve added a small amount of jQuery for page transitions and effects, but other than that it’s just html/css.

On mobile…


I am very impressed with your work @glensimister (and also the other stuff with GunDB and Safe Network). Just this morning I posted some links to your videos to the Loomio Open App Ecosystem group:

That’s great thanks :wink: Loomio looks interesting too. I haven’t heard about that platform before.

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Great conversations here, thank you for all the contributions.

Just a quick reminder to check out the Solid code of conduct on

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Pretty impressive work with just jQuery.

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