Summary of Meeting #6 for Solid data browser UX team


Hey all,

Another update from the UX team. We did have a meeting #5, but I never got around to write a summary of it. The data browser team at inrupt has been swamped with work, so meeting #6 got postponed a couple of weeks. That being said, here is the summary of our latest meeting (which was yesterday, August 22nd).

Attendees: Arne Hassel, Vincent Tunru, Tony Morelli, Lisa Nguyen, Steve Blakeborough, Anna Soronkina and Eduardo Ibacache Rodriguez.

  1. Status and introduction
    We do a round of presentations, since Anna is new to the group. Arne gives an update on the status of the current data browser, the overall process and how it relates to the work of this group.

  2. Should this work group be a Panel?
    From the process repo: “Solid Panels are groups of individuals focused on a specific problem or domain relevant to Solid, with an aim to propose changes to the Solid Specification, Solid Roadmap, and/or Supporting Documentation. Anyone may join a panel or suggest a new panel.”
    We’ve had a bit problems with getting into a process for this group. We want everyone to be able to work independently, but with a clear and shared overall goals. The work that we do don’t necessarily have to be specific to the data browser, but to the overall Solid eco-system - we want to produce work and resources that are of use to designers and developers that want to or are working with Solid technologies.
    Steve will take a more leadership role for the group, as he has more experience with UX and the organizational work of UX-teams.
    We will probably create a panel, but want to do a bit more research and figure out how we want to communicate what we want to work on to others. We want it to be specific to the work of UX, but a bit more specific than just UX for Solid in general. (It could be that we continue the focus on the data browser, but we want to explore our options.)

  3. Upcoming work and research
    We will meet on Wednesday, September 4th, same time as this meeting. Each member will do research into the topic that they’re interested in Solid, and present it to the team.