Summary of Meeting #2 for Solid data browser UX team

Attendees: Arne Hassel, Tony Morelli, Vincent Tunru, Steve Blakeborough, Lisa Nguyen; Eduardo Ibacache Rodriguez joined during the meeting. We had hoped to have Tim Berners-Lee attend the meeting as well, but he couldn’t make it.

The second meeting of the UX team was on Wednesday June 20th. We had the following agenda planned:

  1. What’s happened since last meeting (everyone)
  2. Presentation of the work on current Solid data browser (Arne)
  3. Personas (Tony, Eduardo)
  4. Action points for next meeting

In addition to this we also put in a point at the beginning to do another round of introductions, since there were some new people attending the meeting. We also added a point about Tony presenting the current material on Abstract, to give an overview of what’s available.

When we came to the discussion on the current state of Solid data browser, it became apparent that we need more work on the ground material for the data browser. People are starting to understand what the browser is about, but there needs to be more clarity on the whys of the data browser. There are challenges to the current, technical model of the data browser that people are questioning, and we need to figure out how to go about this.

People also want to understand more of how the data browser is framed within the broader Solid project. We need to document this to make sure that everyone is one the same page, and have the eyes on the same goals.

Steve suggested using Miro as a collaboration tool, and will share a bit more on it on the forum. If it seems like a good fit with the project, Arne will discuss the possibility of inrupt fixing licenses.

Tony summarized the current personas that inrupt uses for their projects, and shared some more material on that with the group.

We concluded the meeting with some action points:

  • Continue describing the current state of the Solid data browser (Arne)

  • Start work on material that frames the data browser into the Solid project as a whole (can also function as a primer to the Solid project for people focusing on the data browser as well) (Arne)

  • When Arne has finished the above-mentioned documents, he’ll share it with the group - then everyone needs to review it and give feedback on what is unclear and if there are unanswered questions (everyone)

  • Steve will start a thread on Miro in the forum, describing how he’s been able to use it in his work and how it might benefit this project (Steve)

  • Arne needs to understand what material people are looking for and need, so we encourage everyone to explore these topics in the forum and the Gitter room - this way we can include others view on this as well (everyone)